Who gets more salary MBA or MS?

United States

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • Institute of Technology altech tixagb_14)
  • ) ) ) University of Chicago

  • Princeton University
  • Cornell University
  • Yale University
  • Columbia University


    to choose an appropriate program for you

    Although there are major differences between these two degrees, both have unique advantages and will be the right choice for different people.

    For example, an MS in Business Analytics is a great degree for someone new to data and business analytics, as it helps build the foundational knowledge needed to be successful. If your background and work experience is in another field, this degree will give you the tools you need to start your career in business analytics.

    MS vs MBA – Specialization and work

    The MS is a much more specialized program than the MBA. In that sense, it’s obviously going to be limited to one area within business or science. For example, a master’s degree in marketing will only be required to pursue marketing-related career options.

    On the other hand, an MBA offers the flexibility to move into a more general role, such as those of general management or consulting, away from your functional specialization if you wish.


    The MBA builds on the student’s professional experience and teaches new managerial and leadership skills. Many MBA programs require previous work experience. Since many MBA students are busy professionals, colleges and universities often offer flexible part-time MBAs that allow students to work while earning their degrees. Other schools offer accelerated MBA programs for working professionals who want to earn a master’s degree as quickly as possible.

    During an MBA, students often tackle business topics unrelated to their chosen field. This gives graduates a comprehensive business education, allowing for an easier transition into a new industry or role.

    Specific topics that MBA students will typically cover include finance, marketing, management, leadership, accounting, and organizational behavior. Created for students with work experience, MBA programs help graduates advance in their careers and jobs in land management.

    MBA vs Master of Science

    Although the two degrees, MBA and Master of Science are very different. Here’s how they rank:

    1. MBAs offer a holistic and practical business education. They may have a specific goal, but teach an individual skills to solve problems and undertake a wide range of studies. Students focus on practical skills and are trained to integrate their knowledge to think critically and make good business decisions. Meanwhile, master’s degrees tend to be more academic and technical. Students choose a specific area and study in depth. Accordingly, MBA and MS graduates tend to have different career paths.
    2. MBAs generally require more credit hours. To provide a comprehensive education, MBA degrees often require more credit hours than a master’s program.
    3. MBAs have a higher average starting salary. Due to the nature of their training, MBA graduates are qualified for leadership and management roles, typically earning more than the professional roles of their MS counterparts.

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