Can I apply for PhD without paper?

It is no longer mandatory to publish doctoral work: the latest news

According to the latest news, a major overhaul of the UGC doctoral program has been implemented. It is no longer compulsory to carry out further research work before submitting the doctorate. to publish. Thesis.

Publication in a journal is not required to complete the PhD

The Commission is currently amending the UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedures for the Award of PhD) Regulations, 2016. Before submitting their thesis or dissertation for peer review, under the 2016 regulations, postdoctoral scholars had to publish at least one research paper in a UGC-recognized or peer-reviewed journal.

The term “mandatory” will be replaced by “strongly recommended” by the Commission in the revised 2022 regulations. Doctoral quality is assessed by the universities, which are allowed to develop their own standards in this respect. attention

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This is the first very important section because it shows the areas you want to explore in RSI. You will need to explain your choices in detail later, so make your choices carefully. We recommend only choosing areas where you have already gained experience and where you can concretely defend your interests. There is no strategy for choosing these domains over authenticity, as the domains offered and their relative popularity vary from year to year.

This is to explore your existing experiences with STEM in (and outside of) the classroom. Context is important here; You will be assessed based on your situation.

If your high school offers limited instructional opportunities in advanced math or science, you will not be judged harshly for your lack of attendance. Conversely, if your high school offers many STEM options, they will want to see that you have taken advantage of the opportunities available to you.

What research topics should you have in economics for a PhD?

It is not always easy to know if your PhD topics in economics will be acceptable, in fact, coming up with the right ideas can be one of the most difficult tasks. If you get it wrong at this point, your economics doctoral research proposal may be rejected or you may be too excited to complete a very difficult project. You should always be careful to avoid problems when choosing economics research topics for doctoral studies. The following issues should always be avoided:

  • Picking a topic you are not interested in: your research can take years, so for you to ensure that you find something related to it. You can keep yourself fully engaged during this time.
  • Choose a subject that is already well studied: your work must be unique and complement the knowledge available in economics, otherwise you are unlikely to get a doctorate.
  • Choosing unimportant content: You should always be careful to choose something that can add value to your domain. Because if it doesn’t provide value, what’s the point?
  • Waiting for an idea they can’t support: Most universities have research areas and experts in those areas. If you choose to do something outside these general areas, they may not be able to provide you with the specialist help and support you need.
  • Choosing something that cannot be done: you have limited time and resources, which will also be limited. If your project costs little money or takes too long, your doctoral research proposal in economics will not be accepted.

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