Can I do MBA and PhD together?

We are pleased to announce that interview invitations were emailed to Round 1 candidates today! If invited, you will participate in a team discussion (to be decided) and an individual interview. The admissions team looks forward to meeting many of you in person and getting to know you beyond your application.

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Industry change

After many years in a certain industry, some professionals decide to change careers. However, they are not expecting a pay cut or a position at the junior level. An MBA can help these professionals transition into industries seamlessly. MBA programs cover a wide range of business areas, from management information systems to human resources and marketing. Hence, MBA graduates can choose any of these fields as their new career.

Business school is very expensive. The average two-year MBA program costs $60,000 in tuition alone. Funding for MBA programs is also difficult. Teaching assistant (TA) and research assistant (RA) positions are very limited in the business school. Therefore, the student has to look for scholarships to reduce his study expenses. However, there is another option.

Some employers will cover tuition as long as the employee shows an interest (or commitment) to stay with the company afterward. This funding option is also open to university employees. Many universities offer tuition reductions or waivers for employees.

PhD After MBA in Operations

PhD Finance

  • PhD Finance is a research-based program designed to research-based program to prepare students for a successful academic career.
  • After obtaining an MBA in finance, students pursue a doctorate in finance.
  • The PhD in Finance focuses on advanced topics such as stock valuation, privatization and globalization, cost and management accounting, etc.
  • PhD Marketing is a three-year doctoral program that prepares students to teach and conduct research in marketing disciplines and related fields.
  • Admission to this course is determined by the entrance test and personal interview. After completing an MBA in Marketing, any candidate with a postgraduate degree in a related field is eligible to apply for a Ph.D.
  • PhD Marketing is a very competitive field where jobs like market research analyst, marketing communication manager, marketing manager and others pay from INR 2,00,000 to INR 10,00,000.

Job Security

At a time when the economy is more unpredictable than ever, a dual MBA protects against downsizing and possible recession. Students have a wider range of skills and knowledge to solve a wide range of complex problems.

Those who choose a dual MBA have more options when looking for a job. Students are better able to enter the workforce and take on a variety of professional roles. This is especially beneficial for anyone who wants to try new things and is always open to change.

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