Can you have 2 PhDs?

There are 2 PhD positions available in the ICE/QTM group at the University of Twente. They are funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) for the VIDI SuperHOTS project (Dr Chuan Li).

Topological matter is considered one of the most promising platforms for building Majorana-based quantum computing. The SuperHOTS project will focus on quantum electron transport in topological devices, with the aim of revealing correlated Majorana bound states and gate e-tuning interactions in high-order topological materials, and ultimately demonstrating the operation of Majorana braiding.


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s goal is clear: to contribute to a better world through excellent education and cutting-edge research. And to be a university where personal education and social commitment play a big role. Where people from different disciplines and backgrounds work together to innovate and generate new knowledge. Our teaching and research spans the full spectrum of the natural sciences – from the humanities, social and natural sciences to the life and medical sciences.

Vrije University Amsterdam has more than 24,500 students. We employ over 4,600 people. The VU campus is easily accessible and located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Zuidas district, a truly stimulating environment for teaching and research.

Are multiple doctorates recommended?

Multiple promotions are really a personal choice. You already know that the first promotion was quite difficult, so the second promotion may go faster if you have this information. Most of the time, I think people who stay in similar fields get their second doctorate faster than those who go into a different field. It’s just a qualitative sentiment, of course, but I doubt it’s true. Eggers and Song’s work shows that this may be the case for entrepreneurs, so I suspect this is also true for second-time graduate students.

In the end, it all really depends on your skills to complete the second promotion. What predicts doctoral success? I really think it has nothing to do with intelligence or privilege or natural ability. It’s more about your passion for doing it and your passion for doing the work. If you like the job, the 2nd doctorate makes sense. Some people do not have the courage to do a PhD and those who want to do a second PhD are just curious and see the value of education.

PhD students are experienced innovators.

There is a difference between discovery and understanding.

By definition, any master’s degree requires the recipient to be competent in some field.


A second master’s degree is best for those who want to work in industry but want to gain additional knowledge in their current field or move into a new field. A PhD is best suited to those who gain advanced research skills and expertise in their current field and pursue a career in research or academia.

Masters students at the end of their current degree are usually plagued by thoughts of what to do next. Whether it’s a gap year, the start of a career or continuing education, one thing is clear: the possibilities are diverse.

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