Do PhD students always earn?

In the following table you can find minimum and maximum gross salaries (before taxes) of doctoral students in different European countries. The list will grow as more countries are added. It is not easy to compare the salaries of doctoral students in Europe because they depend on many factors. We therefore present a table with the minimum and maximum salaries of doctoral students in Europe.

The average salary of a doctoral student in Europe is €2,600 per month. It is important to note that this number includes all different fields and not just science or technology. The values ​​listed here include minimum salaries for doctoral fellowships and funded positions.

Research papers

If you have done serious academic research, especially one that has been published, some colleges will let you submit it for review (see our article on high school research to learn , how you can do this). Schools that accept this include Columbia, UChicago, MIT, Yale, Harvard, and UPenn. All these schools discourage the submission of unnecessary research portfolios.

There are no hard and fast rules, but we have the following suggestions:

Side post

A side post is no surprise. However, there is often the opportunity to do something completely different during the PhD than what you are doing now.

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Student Loan Debt Considerations

If you are 61 and have loans, it will take time to pay them off. Debt is worth thinking about before you do a PhD. If you can get accepted into a doctoral program that pays your tuition or even gives you a scholarship, you may be able to graduate with much less student loan debt. This support may allow you to consider a doctorate later in life.

To be able to do a doctorate, you must have a bachelor’s degree. From there, some can go directly into a doctoral program. If you graduated at the traditional age of 22, you will receive your doctorate around the age of 25 at least.

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