How many PhD types are there?

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Doctor of Laws

Many people believe that a law degree is the only way to become a lawyer. There are several other jobs that a person can fill with a law degree. A degree in jurisprudence opens up other professional and prestigious careers, such as academia, finance, government or politics.

Getting a law degree can be a very lucrative decision – law students earn an average of $135,000 per year. This amount of money makes it one of the most valuable PhD degrees in terms of money, which is why it is so popular.


Doctorates are often awarded to distinguished researchers or practitioners later in their careers to recognize their exceptional work. Typically, students do not enroll in these doctorates like traditional academic degrees.

Advanced doctorates are doctorates that take longer to complete than a doctorate in natural sciences or medicine. They are usually awarded to academic professionals who have done outstanding research in their field.

What is a research degree?

A research degree focuses on in-depth exploration of a topic. A research degree gives students the opportunity to conduct their own unique research on a topic of their choice to create their own research papers and innovative knowledge studies.

A research degree prepares students with the skills and experience needed to work and research in academia, government and business.

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

One of the highest degrees that can be obtained in the field of psychology. It is a research degree, which means that ground-breaking basic research needs to be carried out. As well as writing and defending a thesis based on this research. The differences between the doctorate and other doctorates cannot be ignored. As they determine your career path as you enter your new career.

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