How many PhDs can a person have?

Doing some doctorates is really a personal choice. You already know that the first promotion was quite difficult, so the second promotion may go faster if you have this information. Most of the time, I think people who stay in similar fields get their second doctorate faster than those who go into a different field. It’s just a qualitative sentiment, of course, but I doubt it’s true. Eggers and Song’s work shows that this may be the case for entrepreneurs, so I suspect this is also true for second-time graduate students.

In the end, it all really depends on your skills to complete the second promotion. What predicts doctoral success? I really think it has nothing to do with intelligence or privilege or natural ability. It’s more about your passion for doing it and your passion for doing the work. If you like the job, the 2nd doctorate makes sense. Some people just have the guts to do a PhD and people who want to do a second PhD are curious and see the value of education.


As you can see, there is no single answer to the question asked. Applying to doctoral programs is a process that is not without its challenges, but the time and energy you invest in identifying a shortlist of schools that offer you the best opportunities to achieve your professional ambitions will pay off. .

The pros and cons of an online doctorate

Like all distance learning programs, the main advantage of an online doctorate is flexibility.

You can work from anywhere and at your own pace. This flexibility can be great if you already have other commitments, such as being a stay-at-home parent, caring for a family member, not being able to change cities to be closer to college, or having a job you can’t quit. .

The main disadvantage of an online doctorate – if offered by an accredited university – is isolation, which is particularly problematic in academic research where many ideas are generated through informal conversations with colleagues . When you do an online PhD, you work alone most of the time, which can feel lonely and discouraging.

Stop believing in academic career myths

You have probably heard many myths warning you to leave academia. Take them for what they are: lies told by top academics who have no idea how things work in industry.

Industry is the dark side and people who go to work in industry sell themselves and get out of science. It is noble to work in science. This is all a lie.

New Path PhD

The New Path PhD is a four-year program introduced in 2001 that combines teaching elements, including professional and transferable skills, with student research. Hundreds of PhD students are now studying various subjects at a consortium of universities across the UK.

Graduates who later work in science usually start with postdoctoral research, followed by a fellowship or senior lecturer position. Other career options depend on the area of ​​the PhD – business research is an option for some, and many can apply their research expertise and skills to business and finance.

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