How much sleep does a PhD student need?

When our body is under a lot of stress, it tends to react in different ways. Our heart rate increases, we sweat profusely, or we have blurred vision, indicating that we are having problems.

Did you know that memory performance drops significantly after about 20 minutes after this stress attack? This is the main reason why cramming is never helpful.

8 expert tips for getting enough sleep

Students who are not getting the recommended amount of sleep for college students should follow the following expert tips. Just trying 1 or 2 of these can greatly improve sleep.

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The importance of sleep for college students

As hard as it is to make sleep a priority, there are benefits to going to bed early and a good night’s sleep to get. very important.

Students who prioritize sleep are likely to improve their academic performance.

Why aren’t students getting enough sleep?

Contrary to what most people think is the cause of the lack of sleep in college students, college students usually work part-time or have to study on tons of information for exams they spend the night awake. .

While video streaming services can be blamed for their lack of sleep, students often complain that college mattresses are not comfortable enough for long hours of sleep.

Plan in months not days

In this context, you should start planning and thinking in months instead of days. Research, writing, teaching, etc. they are all ongoing processes. Each major aspect or stage of your promotion will take more than a few days or weeks to complete. Although each component has smaller internal tasks, the goal will still take more months (see this article for tips on daily planning). For example, during the data collection phase of your PhD, you have daily assignments for your lab experiments, but it can take months to get the actual experiment results and data you need. Running the experiment itself can take some time, and in addition, it will probably need to be run many times to get usable results. It will take several months to gather all the relevant data you need to write or implement the results.

Most of the main parts of the doctors are like this. You won’t be able to do all the necessary background reading in a few weeks. A thesis is not done in a few weeks. All these things take several months of work and you need to plan accordingly and get used to not expecting immediate results.

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