How old is the youngest PhD holder in the world?

Sho Yano started college at just nine years old, having scored 1,500 out of 1,600 on the college SATs the previous year. While prodigy experts say it’s best that kids as young as Yano don’t go to college, there may be no other choice.

Yano’s mother said, “Some people think that I am a very sad mother to prove that my son is good. But that is not the problem. Because… when your child is moving so fast, doing so well, and enjoying life, you can’t let them stop. Yano certainly didn’t stop. At age 12, he graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University Chicago. To complete this winning streak, Yano earned his MD at age 21, also from the University of Chicago, earning him the nickname “the real Doogie Howser.”

Who is a graduate student?

Ph.D. the abbreviation for Doctor of Philosophy. In most countries, to teach at the university level or hold a senior position in the field of study, you must have a university or higher professional degree like this.

“Philosophy” is derived from the Greek term philosophia, which in English means “love of wisdom”. A university graduate was considered to be someone who had a thorough knowledge of the basics of contemporary society.

Sho Yano

Date of birth: 1990 Doctorate Age: 18 years old Specialty: medicine Nationality: Korean and American

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Can you do a doctorate at 25?

It is possible to get a doctorate until you are 25 years old, especially if you graduated from university at 21 or 22 years old. If the doctorate takes three or four years, you can graduate at 25.

The best age for a doctorate is three years ago. Second time is now the best. In fact, the best age to get a PhD is when you can complete it. The sooner you finish your PhD, the more life and career you will have with it, but there is no optimal age.

Honorary doctorate. 20 years old

Some people are born brilliant and Indo-Australian Akshay Venkatesh is one of them. He won a bronze medal when he was only 11 years old. At the famous International Physics Olympiads. International physics competition for children in grades 6-12.

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