Is a PhD prestigious?

As you approach the end of the semester, we would like to provide you with information about the support services available to graduate students at Carleton.

Mental Health Support It is important that we take care of ourselves and our mental health while pursuing our school goals.

Virtual Tours

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many schools have canceled all tours and personal events for prospective students. Even as the world moves toward normalcy, some are still uncertain about the future of college attendance. However, the pandemic has given rise to a powerful new tool for students to explore and learn about college campuses: virtual tours.

While most schools have had an online presence for some time, the pandemic has dramatically increased the number and type of virtual offerings for potential students. These resources have advantages and disadvantages, which we list below, as well as a description of how to make the most of virtual opportunities.

– PhD in Statistics

Starting salary: $105,000 Starting salary: $131,000

Statisticians help solve problems in business, healthcare industries and organizations by collecting data and analyzed through statistical methods. Statistician careers require a master’s degree and beyond. A PhD in Statistics sets you apart from the competition and offers you high earning potential. Career prospects for statisticians are also extremely favorable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says the projected growth rate is expected to increase by 33%, well above the national average. Industries that employ statisticians include the federal government, financial institutions, and scientific research and development services.

Most research positions require a doctorate.

17: Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was formed in 1969 after the merger of Purdue Extension Center Indianapolis and Indiana University Indianapolis. Abbreviated simply as IUPUI, the university is a member institution of the Purdue University System and the Indiana University System. IUPUI is a public university accredited by the Higher Education Commission with 29,804 students. The merger of the two institutions was a great success. IUPUI is home to:

  • the largest nursing school in the United States
  • the second largest medical school in America
  • the only Indiana State Dental school
  • the first athletic school ever established in the nation

SEAS Scholarships

Yusuf EfeYusuf Efe is a PhD candidate and will work with Associate Professor Elias Bareinboim. His work will focus on developing robust causal reinforcement learning algorithms. He is particularly interested in defining dynamic and context-dependent value functions in reinforcement learning contexts to enable human-like learning processes for intelligent agents. He is also interested in blockchain and decentralized finance.

Efe holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics from Bogazici University, Turkey. During his research internships at Stanford and UIUC, he analyzed multi-agent environments using principles of machine learning and game theory. He graduated from the Turkish National Physics Olympiad Team and won a gold medal, two silver medals and a bronze and the best theoretical paper award at the International Physics Olympiad.

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