Is PhD higher than Doctor?

This post is an updated version of a previous post I wrote on Facebook which was widely shared on various social media platforms in Ghana. It seems that people are still confused.

There is no higher degree than the doctorate. A doctorate is a degree, while a professor is associated with university education.

Doctorate holders often use the title “doctor”.

What is a doctorate?


D (sometimes seen as Ph.

D.) comes from the Latin term philosophiae doctor, which designates a doctor of philosophy.

A doctorate can be awarded for basic research in any field, not just medicine. Compared to an M

D, a doctorate in medicine focuses on searching for new knowledge rather than applying existing knowledge.

Who is the teacher?

On the other hand, Professor is a job title that differentiates between seniors and juniors in the teaching profession. If someone is a professor, it means that they are a senior faculty member of a department, university or college. One cannot become a professor before having a doctorate. To qualify for teaching, a Ph.

D. is not required, and only a B-Ed can begin a career as a college professor. To advance in this profession, however, he must be a lecturer, an assistant professor, an associate professor and finally an associate professor to be at the forefront of the teaching profession.

People seem confused that teachers are called doctors and sometimes professors. Technically, a doctorate is the first requirement for someone to become a professor. Once a person has successfully completed their doctorate, they are referred to as a doctor. To become a professor, however, this doctor must spend his time teaching at a university, and he must also be involved in research. There is no test to pass to be appointed as a teacher. This is mainly awarded as an honorary title to doctors who have worked in various ways in their field of interest.

Doctors versus teachers: Education

You may have to spend six or seven years in post-secondary education to become a teacher. However, you have to spend between 11 and 15 years in college and medical school to become a doctor.

After all, the lives of patients are in the hands of doctors. An incorrect transfer or diagnosis can lead to death or a malpractice lawsuit. For these reasons, becoming a doctor requires several years of additional study and practical training.

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