What are the jobs after PhD?

The main task of competitive intelligence (CI) analysts is to gather information about the products that a competing company has in the pipeline and analyze those products to determine their impact on the market.

A survey by the Global Intelligence Alliance of global software, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, energy and manufacturing companies found that the recruitment of CI analysts will increase significantly in the coming years, 60% of hiring managers say that they are actively looking for candidates. . .

Non-academic options

You may have decided during your doctorate that you could not have an academic career at a university. Maybe you want to leave your material studies and college behind forever. This does not mean that the skills and knowledge you have acquired over the past seven years of study are irrelevant for your future.

Now you have to show employers how adaptable you are. Finding a job is a challenge, especially when you’ve gone straight from school to graduate work with no gap years and little work experience. It is therefore necessary to sell your skills by adapting them to a specific profession. You may not know it, but your PhD means:

What should a PhD student do?

To get started, learn how to translate. Doctoral programs generally do not teach students how to market themselves for non-academic jobs. There are some common mistakes when looking for a job. Networking is essential and important to connect with people who are not competing for the same jobs. An interview is not an opportunity for you to ask as many good questions as possible.

It is important that you look at every interview as an opportunity to see if the company is right for you. You also need to know your worth.

You could start your career after your doctorate by researching jobs that might be relevant to you. Once you know what the options are, you can decide which non-academic job you want to apply for. There are many different niches that you could fit into.

Assistant Director, Learning Programs

Assistant Directors have a variety of responsibilities from educational support to faculty members and graduate students to evaluating and improving educational services. It can be an exciting opportunity to apply your teaching and leadership experience outside the classroom.

Example of a job offer


Research During a postdoc, you can develop the skills necessary to design, develop, implementation and adaptation. This can be a project that you are proposing or you can support an existing project or research group. The project can be small or large, in which case you will also learn coordination skills.

Networking We encourage you to create and develop a network of researchers and industrial partners. One way to achieve this is to participate in multi-stakeholder (international) projects or research periods abroad. In addition to travel, a stay abroad can sharpen your professional profile and enrich the scientific community you belong to. Other tasks to consider if you choose to stay in academia include writing articles and processing and submitting grant or funding applications.

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