What countries need teachers the most?

South Korea is another great country to teach English abroad. ESL teachers in South Korea are well paid and often live in big cities like Seoul. Although the overall cost of living in South Korea is quite cheap, it should be noted that living in a big city like Seoul is much less affordable.

In South Korea, you can experience all the comforts of Western life as well as the unique culture and customs of Korea.


There may be different countries where you want to live and work as a teacher, but depending on the nation’s politics, market and general social conditions, immigration just as easily a teacher can change.

Some of the easiest countries to get a teacher visa are Ireland, where a working holiday program can allow international visitors to live and work without much documentation, and New Zealand, where the population small and lack of skilled workers. It has created a very simplified immigration process, or Costa Rica, where you can prove your financial stability with work, and this small coastal country in Central America welcomes Spanish-speaking educators.

Saudi Arabia

Due to a good salary along with a low cost of living, Saudi Arabia is a potential country of employment for aspiring ESL teachers.

Due to its strictly conservative Islamic customs, there is no nightlife and a strict ban on alcohol. People are also separated by sex. At least you drink good coffee!

Get TEFL certified and teach English in South Korea with the International TEFL Academy

South Korea is a popular choice for thousands of international English teachers. Once you get your TEFL certificate from the International TEFL Academy, they will help you find a job in South Korea. Typical internships take place in Hagwon (private schools) or public schools.

Applicants must hold citizenship of an English-speaking country, have a bachelor’s degree, and pass a background check and health check.

  • Benefits: placement, high demand
  • Salary range: $1150-2650 per month
  • Popular cities: Seoul, Busan
  • South Korea

    ESL teachers are in high demand in southeast Asian countries. South Korea is one of the countries that opened its doors to immigrants, especially South Africans. The main reason for this is to teach English. Find out how this country slowly influenced the world media. Along with this influence comes a demand to speak English so that the world can better understand them. Teachers of South Africa, we need you urgently.

    Japan has a lot of jobs, but they have a hard time finding people to hire them. Demand for teachers of English as a second language is one of their demands. As a country in Southeast Asia experiencing rapid economic growth, English should also be learned. The country also has the safest city in the world (Tokyo) so you can teach in a safe and secure environment. It is an experience in itself.

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