What is the shortest PhD?

You’ve probably seen thick theses that are too heavy to lift with one hand… but have you ever thought about how short a PhD thesis is?

Well, John Edensor Littlewood once famously asked the question “could a two-line thesis deserve a scholarship” – and it seems he meant it.

Eat and drink well

Does food intake significantly affect a student’s performance in the exam? Apparently yes. It makes us think twice about snacking on those fast food chicken nuggets and king-sized burgers.

It goes without saying that a balanced diet keeps us healthy, but for a graduate student about to take an important exam, a healthy diet helps focus. Remember not to skip a single meal, not only for the obvious nutritional benefits, but also to avoid a major drop in your blood sugar. You definitely don’t want that, especially not before the big test!

The Shortest Online PhD Programs

The following PhD programs offer accelerated online courses that will help you complete your PhD faster:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Counseling and Therapy
  • Criminal Justice / Homeland Security
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Administration


  • Information Systems / Technology
  • Management
  • Ministry / Theology
  • Nursing
  • U is a public university in Flint, Michigan is the University of Michigan-Flint, also often called UM Flint. It is one of two satellite campuses in the University of Michigan system and was founded in 1956. Today, the school has nearly 8,000 students enrolled, most of whom are undergraduates. Notable alumni of the University of Michigan-Flint include Michael Moore, Donald Reigle, Christopher Paul Curtis, John Sinclair, and John D. Cherry, to name a few.

    UM-Flint offers an online Doctor of Nursing Practice program that can be accessed in a variety of ways. Students who are RNs with a bachelor’s degree outside of nursing, BSN-DNP, and MSN-DNP are eligible to receive a DNP at UM-Flint. Each path requires a minimum number of campus visits; However, most of the program will be completed in an online format. For more detailed information about the course you are interested in, prospective students can visit the website and contact the university.

    Questions Ph.D. by Students

    Our picks for the 30 fastest online doctoral degrees show universities that offer graduate degrees in an accelerated format. With a racy doctorate. The program allows you to graduate quickly and earn a promotion and higher salary in no time.

    If you want more information, visit our methodology page.

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