What job can I do with a PhD?

I was being interviewed for a leadership position when I told the interviewer that I had a blog.

“That’s good,” she said. “We all need recreation.”

Market Research Analyst

Market research analyst positions exist in most industries, but are particularly important in innovation-based sectors such as electronics, computing or biotechnology.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this profession is expected to increase by 20% from 2004 to 2014.

Data Scientist

Many companies hire data scientists doctoral data for analysis. With strong analytical skills, you could be hired to help analyze research data, contribute to business performance reports, evaluate sales and marketing efforts, and more. Contrary to what you might think, a degree in data science or statistics is not necessary to qualify for this PhD work. As long as you have experience managing data and performing statistical analysis using various programs, you qualify for this career and can land a job in the industry. You’d be surprised how much help most people need even for the simplest of data analysis tasks. When I first started freelancing, I helped many companies do regression analysis on their marketing data and got paid well for it. I’ve only taken one graduate statistics course in my life, but I still knew enough that people would pay me to help them with their data.

Almost all PhDs have experience in grant writing.

If you are a good writer and know how to carefully follow grant submission guidelines, you can start this career with your transferable skills. If you’ve managed to get a few scholarships in the past, great. Many organizations hire graduate and post-graduate students to help write grants, although many may want to hire you full-time. Grant writing projects can come from non-profit organizations or even the business world.

Academic Dean, Private High School

Academic Dean oversees program design, develops academic and behavioral guidelines, and determines the best strategies to increase student academic success. The research, leadership and teaching experience you gained during your PhD will make you well suited for this field.

Job offer example

Talking to others

Although there is no “typical” doctoral experience, every path is different, it helps to talk to those has done it before or is promoting what it’s all about. Online networks and forums allow you to make contacts and learn more about their experiences. Read articles and other relevant materials, including academic publications and online sources. There are a wide variety of websites that offer career case studies of what people have done with their PhDs.

This may include spending time in libraries and archives, conducting field research and interviews, conducting experiments, analyzing data, solving problems, thinking creatively, writing and sharing your discoveries with others. It is equally important to ask yourself what parts of him are unattractive and how you would deal with those aspects.

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