What jobs require PhD?

Does food intake significantly affect a student’s performance in the exam? Apparently yes. It makes us think twice about snacking on those fast food chicken nuggets and king-size burgers.

It goes without saying that a balanced diet keeps us healthy, but for a graduate student about to take an important exam, a healthy diet helps focus. Remember not to skip a single meal, not only for the obvious nutritional benefits, but also to avoid a major drop in your blood sugar. You definitely don’t want that, especially not before the big test!

A postdoc is not your only career option

Most graduate students go for a university postdoc, even if they prefer to go for an industrial job because they believe that a postdoc is the their only choice.

Her academic advisor and the entire academic system had convinced her that this was her only option.

Research Associate, Various Businesses

As a research associate, you will collect data to determine whether a product or service is desirable to consumers or businesses. Your extensive experience in conducting research and presenting it to diverse audiences is a transferable skill that will bring you to research associate positions.

Sample job posting

As a PhD student, you learn and interpret data better and faster than almost anyone else.

This is one of your most valuable skills.

And it’s a skill that can be applied to any job in the industry.

So what jobs are there with a doctorate?

Probably the most obvious route is academia, where one traditionally starts with one or two postdoctoral positions before applying for a fellowship or professorship to become an independent scientist. It can be a rewarding career for those with the right combination of ideas, skills and tenacity. Being in the right place at the right time with the research idea that one wants to fund can be a matter of luck.

There are other slightly different ways in science that you might want to consider as well. For example, if you taught during your PhD and enjoyed it, you might consider a teaching-focused role. Many universities have teaching-oriented career paths you can follow. In some disciplines, it is possible to progress more towards research management or laboratory leadership, but these types of roles are less common and can be classified as academic or professional service roles, depending on the field and the establishment.

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