Which PhD is best after MBA?

A PhD is a valuable qualification after an MBA that can help you expand your career opportunities and deepen your professional depth. Doing a PhD after completing your MBA is indeed an exciting decision, and if you’re pursuing your favorite post-MBA PhD, we’ve got everything you need.

Can I do a PhD after my MBA

Job opportunities for economists with a PhD

Although the majority of PhD students get professorships in big business schools say, part of it is they take a postdoctoral position or go into industry. Companies like McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, SEC, and others are known to regularly hire graduate students.

Almost 80% of doctoral graduates are employed as faculty members in various business schools around the world, and the remaining 20% ​​are working in various positions in industry. We have compiled the table below to show employers of former graduate students from prestigious business schools, especially Wharton, HEC Paris and Chicago Booth.

Doctoral training after the MBA: key points

What are the requirements for a doctorate after the MBA?

Apart from the requirement to have an MBA, the other eligibility criteria are:

1. A good IELTS/TOEFL score that proves your ability in English. 2. A GMAT/GRE score is required, depending on the university you wish to apply to. 3. Academic certificates and two or three letters of recommendation are also required.

4. In most cases, an interview will be conducted in person or via video call to assess the student’s ability. 5. Depending on the university, applicants may need to have one or two research ideas ready to submit to the university when applying.

PhD Finance

  • PhD Finance is a research-based program that prepares students for a successful academic career.
  • After obtaining an MBA in finance, students pursue a doctorate in finance.
  • The PhD in Finance focuses on advanced topics such as stock valuation, privatization and globalization, cost and management accounting, etc.
  • PhD Marketing is a three-year doctoral program that prepares students to teach and conduct research in marketing disciplines and related fields.
  • Admission to this course is determined by the entrance test and personal interview. After completing an MBA in Marketing, any candidate with a postgraduate degree in a related field is eligible to apply for a Ph.D.
  • PhD Marketing is a very competitive field where jobs like market research analyst, marketing communication manager, marketing manager and others pay from INR 2,00,000 to INR 10,00,000.

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