Who has the best education system in the world?

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Top 20 countries with the best higher education system in the world

Education is vital for individuals and society. No matter what region or country we live in, we must preserve our education system so that it helps us preserve our knowledge.

The education system

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The four main divisions of the British education system are primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education . Primary and secondary education, which lasts approximately 5 to 16 years, is compulsory for all children in the UK. The UK has a flexible education system, just like the US. They also offer educational options for international students. The UK is a popular choice for international students due to its excellent education system. Many world-renowned universities are located in the UK. The cost of attending school in the UK is also regulated. There are many scholarships available to international students who wish to study in the UK.

Great Britain

Great Britain is the country with the best education system after America and Germany. The British education system is divided into four main areas: primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. Children in the UK are required to attend primary and secondary education, which lasts from the age of 5 until the student turns 16.

Britain has an education index of 0.896. Like the United States, the United Kingdom has a flexible education system. They also provide educational opportunities for international students.

The UK is very popular with international students because of its strong education system. The UK is home to some of the most famous universities in the world. Oxford and Cambridge universities are located in the country, as well as other top institutions.

British education system

Level Main activities/subjects Areas of studyPrimary5-11 years Physical education and the arts mainly Compulsory subjects are gradually introduced. Their number and complexity increases with the child’s age • English • Mathematics • History • Geography • Music • Art, painting, design • Movement, swimming • Basic science • Basic computing • Foreign languages ​​Secondary school 11-16 years The children study science disciplines , humanities and foreign languages ​​Deepening languages. At the end, the children take the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) exam. A certificate of secondary education is required for citizens of Great Britain • English • Mathematics • Science • History • Geography • Modern foreign languages ​​• Design and technology • Art, painting and design • Music • Physical education • Social sciences • Computer technology Preparing for school college: 16 – 18 years of age For college planning Not a compulsory subject. The student chooses 3-4 subjects and prepares to choose his specialization subject. The program ends with a high school diploma Training in high vocational schools aged 16-18 for those who want to start working life without attending university It ends with a GNVQ technical high school certificate or a BTEC technical high school diploma


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