Who needs a PhD?

The stress of this big exam does nothing to help you calm down. You can face it or ignore it as long as you can, but it will hit you right in the gut whether you like it or not.

If you feel powerless under pressure to do well on your test, consider focusing your energy on something that stimulates your will to learn. Remember the old saying “All work and no play Jack is a poor boy.”

The deadlock is in your head

When someone (with no industry experience) told me that when companies refused to hire graduate students, I questioned my degree and self-esteem. Don’t let this happen to you.

The idea that a PhD reduces your chances of getting a job in industry is a misconception. In fact, most graduate students go on to industry jobs later, and most are paid more than non-graduate students in the same job. The only way a PhD will keep you from getting a job in industry is to use it as an excuse.

Research Associate, Various Businesses

As a research associate, you will collect data to determine whether a product or service is desirable to consumers or businesses. Your extensive experience in conducting research and presenting it to diverse audiences is a transferable skill that will bring you to research associate positions.

Sample job advertisement

How long does the course last?

A PhD usually lasts three years (four years for a New Way PhD – see below), or any available funding is usually sufficient for that period. Students may take more time to complete their thesis, but this will usually be at their own expense.

For part-time self-funded students, it can take up to seven years.

A doctorate usually ends with a thesis of around 80,000 to 100,000 words, based on research carried out during their studies. Research must be original and aim to create new knowledge or theories in its field or build on existing knowledge or theories. Many departments admit students initially on an MPhil basis and then upgrade them to doctoral status after the first or second year, subject to satisfactory progress. Students deemed unsuitable for the thesis level can submit a shorter thesis and be awarded an MPhil.

Mai Thao, PhD, Medical Affairs, Medtronic

Dr. learned. Mai Thao what a PhD might mean during a summer research internship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. when she was a student. “As a first-generation immigrant and first-generation student, my knowledge of working life was limited to assembly lines and retail. The independence I enjoyed this summer attracted me. I also learned about the economics of a bachelor’s degree versus a master’s and doctoral degree. I finished my research summer knowing that I could get my degree later in life,” she says.

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