Why is PhD difficult?

There is no better way to prepare for the exam than a good night’s sleep. This is a proven way to make your test a success. However, students tend to buy sleep with extra study time, which is actually not a good idea.

Skipping sleep is bad for your brain. You may be able to use it to finish the remaining few hundred pages of reading assignments, but it will affect your memory and cause poor performance.

How to handle a difficult promotion

First of all, as you’ve been told, getting a promotion is no child’s play. If you dream of becoming a teacher, ask yourself the following question: what would you do if you didn’t succeed? What other options do you have besides being a professor?

Also, before even thinking about starting your doctorate, ask yourself an additional question: are you mentally prepared for it? Working on a doctorate demands a lot from you and can push the limits of your sanity and stability.

Is a doctorate intellectually difficult?

You’ve probably heard the metaphor of standing on the shoulders of giants, and it’s true that as a PhD student, you rely on previous work in the field. One does not usually expect to make enormous intellectual progress. In reality, you are probably going to give a small boost to a small part of the field.

For some people this can be a relief and make the original research idea much more accessible, while for others it can derail the whole research idea!

The reality is that graduate students can be seen as a profitable workforce for the advancement of science. Although we often work on projects with complex and extremely clear descriptions such as “nanoparticles filled with silver ions for the treatment of cancer” or “biphasic smearing mechanics for soft technical materials”, genetic intelligence is not required to be practical. Often, behind those big content titles, you’re doing some pretty abnormal stuff. These tasks require you to know what you are doing, but you have rarely developed it yourself.

test scores

RSI shows no preference between SAT and ACT for scores; You can add more if you want, but it is recommended that you only submit your best efforts. Please note that you are only allowed one PDF for your results reports; If you submit more than one, make sure to merge them into one PDF before submitting.

RSI does not ask you to submit a separate CV; All relevant experience should be listed and explained in the application. They separate STEM and non-STEM activities and give you space to explain them. These are not essays but short reports to describe exactly what you did with the activity. There is a separate essay question if you want to go deeper into any of your extracurriculars.

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