Why is PhD stressful?

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Feeling sad, anxious or “empty” all the time.

Do you feel sad every day, tears burst easily and you can’t overcome?

You can be afraid of anything when the simplest tasks (like getting out of bed) fill you with anxiety and worry.

Factors that Cause Stress and Depression in Postgraduate Students

A systematic approach is needed to deal with stress in early career researchers. However, before finding solutions, you need to know the root cause to avoid similar situations in the future.

Students are often intimidated by current research in their field and compare the progress and status of their work with other researchers.


Career progression can be both exciting and challenging, causing stress and anxiety for students at all levels of instruction. The academic duties of graduate students, in particular, can be stressful if not handled well.

Feeling like an impostor

Do you feel that everyone around you is much smarter than you? In fact, 7 out of 10 people suffer from impostor syndrome at some point in their career. Scammers have a hard time accepting positive feedback, often denying that their success is tied to their own skills and thinking they are not good enough. Tip: use it as a starch. Taking the time to celebrate achievements helps to embrace our own circumstances.

During our studies, we were always surrounded by many students, but in the laboratory, we are often part of a very small team or work alone. It can be lonely especially if we move abroad for our PhD or during a writing degree. In addition, we always feel bad about the neglect of our friends and family. Conversely, when we force ourselves to go to social events, we feel guilty for not working.

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