What a thesis looks like

Consider what a thesis statement might look like.

If you were to break your thesis statement into one sentence, it might look like this:

Tips for writing a good thesis statement

Bu Essays should be based on an argument specific. Review your thesis statement to see if the main idea of ​​your writing is too vague. If you defend something too general (for example, if you say that all pop music is bad), your essay will try to overload the ideas and become confusing.

Please update your argument to be more specific. You could say that pop music suffers from repetitive chord progressions, or that pop songs have unimaginative lyrics. These narrower statements make it easier to gather evidence to support your thesis.

How should the statement of a problem for an essay be?

Since the problem statement is supposed to define the research problem, the best place to start is by asking questions that the problem statement answers. Here’s a quick and easy problem statement template you can use for your thesis:

  • Sentence 1: What do we already know? Put the problem in context. Define the context of your research problem.
  • Sentence 2: What’s up? Explain exactly what your article will be about. If someone asks what your article is about, this one sentence should make it clear.
  • Sentence 3: Why is the problem important? Show why the problem is relevant and needs to be solved. If your research is more theoretical, discuss how it can advance or change our understanding of the topic.
  • Sentence 4: How are you going to prove it? This is where your approach comes in and how you plan to attack the problem in your thesis.

Examples of Informational Thesis Statements

Bad Example Good Example Definition Monopoly is a bad thing. the possibility of innovation in the monopolized field. Of course, monopoly is bad. A good thesis statement should also remind people why this is so. therefore, it must come to a complete stop as a phenomenon. The same here. Always expand your thesis with an argument or two.

Argumentative style work aims to prove your point using facts and logic. The thesis statement format for this type of essay is slightly different than above.

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