What are the 4 key elements of a thesis statement

  • It is brief and informative.
  • Make a clear argument with your opinion on the topic or an aspect of the topic that you support.
  • It has a logical basis. Even if you share your personal opinion, be sure to back it up with logic or facts.

In other words, your thesis should identify the theme, the claim, and the main points you will use in an essay to support the claim.

What are the types of thesis statements?

Argumentative essays ask students to justify a particular point of view or have the reader agree with the author’s point of view before the end of the essay. A thesis statement in these essays should give a clear picture of the argument you will present throughout the essay.

  • Example 1: You are asked to discuss the root cause of the War of 1812 in an American history lesson. “The War of 1812 was the direct result of British arms sales to Indian tribes in the American West,” for example, might be your thesis statement.
  • Example 2: You are in a class on ethics and the right to discuss the moral imperative to help those in need. “By social contract, we have a moral obligation to help each other,” for example, might be your thesis statement.

Find the first answer to the question

From there, write the answer (if you already know it) or the position you chose.

If you don’t have a post yet or haven’t found the answer, do some exploratory research to find out.

you don’t need to have a solid answer as there is a fundamental assumption of evidence and it’s just a starting point for further investigation .

Argumentative thesis

An argumentative thesis must consist of one or two sentences. The position of the writer that takes place is confirmed. You must present a writing idea.

Let’s understand the argumentative essay with the help of an example:-

What is an argumentative essay?

In an argumentative essay, the author takes a position and defends his opinion. They discuss the topic of the essay. In an argumentative essay, you evaluate and present data that reinforces your point.

In these essays, the term position statement is sometimes used to refer to a thesis statement. If you hear someone use the term position statement, they are referring to the thesis statement. To write your thesis or position statement, you need to present your idea and preview the information you’ll use to support it.

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