What are two things you should avoid when writing a good thesis

The first few days of writing a thesis can be overwhelming, especially when searching for a suitable topic and research material. Once you get past these hurdles, you’ll feel relieved that you’re on the right track. However, the way forward is also fraught with challenges as you need to lay out your thoughts and arguments in detail. It is worth remembering some important mistakes throughout the process, as they can negatively affect the quality of the final product. The academic editors of the Source essay point out some common mistakes to avoid when writing a dissertation:

Not doing enough research There should be a lot of research in your chosen topic area. write a master’s thesis. When you do enough research, you open yourself up to a wider range of ideas. It will help you form your original ideas and create strong arguments based on them. You should support your arguments with relevant references to make your thesis more interesting and informative for readers. However, insufficient research work can undermine the hard work you have put in. Another mistake is to investigate, but not exhaustively. You must read a lot in your field. Limiting your research leaves you with insufficient resources, which damages the credibility of your work.

How long should your thesis last?

Most essays are between 100 and 200 pages. All procedures should be divided into appropriate sections, and a long essay may require chapters, main sections, and subsections.

Each committee member assigns a pass or fail grade. The thesis must be accepted by the majority of the jury, and a candidate cannot be accepted if more than one “rejected” vote is reported. The results of the described thesis must be submitted to the Graduate College immediately after its completion. In order to write an approved thesis, it is essential to avoid the following thesis writing mistakes.

Error: Lack of marked/seminal literature

Another problem we see in weaker literature studies is the lack of topic-specific literature. Distinguished literature (sometimes called seminal or seminal work) refers to the documents that first gave an impression of real importance or influence on a particular topic. In other words, articles that put the specific research area “on the map”, so to speak.

The reason for the lack of literature identified in poor literature studies is usually that the student is unaware of the literature (because they have not yet immersed themselves enough in the research) or that they feel they should present only the most recent. studies. Whatever the reason, it’s a problem, because a good literature review should always acknowledge that the writing is advanced in the field.

Essay too broad

Concentration and precision are essential when writing an essay. That is why it is not appropriate to include too much detail in the statement that is at the center of your argument. One might think that a blanket statement ensures that it covers a broader range of topics. On second thought, by writing too broad a statement, you risk not meeting the expectations of readers.

An example of a very broad thesis: People living in poverty face many challenges.

Choisir le mauvais sujet

If you choose a subject who doesn’t interest another person than you, or who doesn’t particularly interest you, you can avoid malice to maintain others or yours. attention after working on it for several months or even years. It’s a bad situation you find yourself in when you’re trying to finish.

There are other ways to choose wrong. Don’t choose a typically “academic” topic to impress others. You behave well and you may not be up to it. Also determine if your particular angle is out of date or has been written hundreds of times before.

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