What degree has the highest dropout rate

  • “Computer Science” is the degree with the most dropouts.
  • 43% of students state that their university has not offered them psychological support when they need it.
  • 38% of university students cannot cope with their workload.
  • 35% of university students feel compelled to continue their studies with their family.

There has been a steady decline in university applications over the past 5 years, as revealed by the latest statistics released by UCAS. In fact, from 2015 to 2019 there was a decrease of 8.59% in the number of people enrolled in the University.

College Dropout Rates in the United States: General Statistics

  1. High school dropout rates are falling. The United States experiences a 40% college dropout rate each year.
  2. In 2021, approximately 31.6% of students entering the school had graduated or were not enrolled in any other university or school.
  3. The average dropout rate for the first year between 2015 and 2020 was 24.3%.
  4. Since 2007, the dropout rate for full-time first-year graduates has decreased by 5 percentage points.
  5. For first-time college freshmen, the college dropout rate is highest in public schools.
  6. Between 2019 and 2020, two in five (39.5%) public school freshmen dropped out of school.
  7. In 2020, freshmen attending public four-year schools had the lowest dropout rate at 17.6%.
  8. Students who attend for-profit colleges are more likely to drop out than students who attend public or non-profit colleges.
  9. 70% of students who attend community colleges in California do not even graduate or transfer.
  10. Without medication, the college dropout rate for students with ADHD is 51%.
  11. Most college dropouts are freshmen
  12. Computer science has the highest college dropout rate at 10.7%.
  13. The national six-year college dropout rate decreased by 1.2%.
  14. Within six years of entering university, 56% of students drop out of school.
  15. The cost of education is one of the top reasons students drop out of college, according to the 2022 college dropout rate statistics.
  16. 43% of students enrolled they dropped out of public school before graduating.
  17. In 2019, nearly 36% of people age 25 and older in the United States have completed college or another institution of higher education. More than half of community college students
  18. drop out within six years.
  19. According to college dropout statistics, only 11.6% of students who drop out of college move and complete their studies elsewhere.
  20. 47% of adults with schizophrenia drop out of university.
  21. Low income first generation with 89% of students dropping out at a rate four times that of second generation students.

Here are the data on students who drop out after the first year by type of institution. (2019)

Why is the university dropout rate so high?

Many reasons contribute to many students dropping out of college. Experts say that financial problems may be the main reasons for high college dropout rates. Other common reasons include family problems, insufficient college preparation, and unexpected health problems.

Many people immediately think of laziness and failure rates whenever they hear about dropouts.

College dropout rate statistics for 2022 show that the cost of education is one of the top reasons students drop out of college.

(College Data, Student Loan Hero)

For the 2021/22 academic year, the average price of tuition and fees at private universities is $38,070. At public universities, it is $10,740 for in-state residents and $27,560 for out-of-state residents.

Which colleges have the highest and lowest dropout rates and how does dropping out of your career affect job opportunities?

Earning a degree can be a great way to open doors to a wider range of career opportunities, with many jobs now making it an essential qualification for applicants. However, college is not for everyone, and for some it may not be the right decision.

On average, 6 out of 100 students (6.3%) in the UK drop out of university.

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