What degree has the most billionaires?

Have you ever wondered what the richest people in the world studied in college? I have. So I decided to find out.

I looked at the Forbes list of the richest people in the world and filtered out the mostly non-home-made ones. The Forbes 400 has a self-created score, ranking from 1 to 10, that measures the wealth and privileges people have started. For example, Oprah Winfrey (who is not on this list because she is at the bottom of the Forbes list) gets a 10 for coming out of nowhere. On the other hand, Jim Walton, who ranks No. 9 on the Forbes list, 2 for being introduced to Walmart’s success. So it doesn’t make that list either. Neither his sister Alice nor his sister-in-law Christy are present, which means that this list contains only men. don’t blame me I didn’t distribute the fortune.

Physicians and Surgeons

In 2021, Physicians and Surgeons had an average annual income of $252,480. Many specialists earn much more.

This income will earn you almost a million dollars every five years.

Regular saving and investing will build a million dollar bankroll in no time.

The top ten millionaires are held by:

Engineers top the list. Engineering is the most popular major for millionaires around the world and it is because of the purpose of studying engineering.

The Yellow Ribbon Program

If you go to a non-governmental or private institution, you can qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program. This program covers certain costs once you reach the maximum amount offered by the GI bill. If you want to take advantage of this program, make sure the college you choose offers this program, because not everyone does.

When a school offers the Yellow Ribbon program, it determines what the student receives. The Department of Veterans Affairs doubles the amount and forwards the money to the school. You must qualify for the maximum benefit under the post-9/11 GI Bill to receive benefits from the Yellow Ribbon program. Additionally, this program is not available to active duty members. Apply for this program using form VA 22-1990.

List of Recommended Universities for Electrical Engineering in Malaysia

Universities Course Duration Tuition Fees per Year (2018/2019) Degree in Electrical Engineering Asia Pacific University (APU) 2 year RM 14,600BA (Hons) Electrical Engineering 4 Years RM 22,800UCSI University Degree in Electrical Engineering 2 Years RM 10,667BA (Hons) Electrical Engineering 4 Years RM 18,843SEGI UniversityBA (Hons) Electrical Engineering 4 Years RM 19,803TAYLOR UniversityBA (Hons) Electrical Engineering 4 YearsH0BAR, 303 Electrical Engineering 4 Years H0,305 University 19,803

general policy only, course fees are recorded based on publicly available information on the internet. Please consult our Education Consultant for further assessment.

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