What degrees are not worth it

If you’re an advertising specialist, you might want to get into digital marketing, e-commerce, or sports marketing. However, many advertisers don’t realize that to land a highly competitive job in one of these fields, your degree must be directly in that field.

Advertising specialists take courses on how to promote and sell products through media such as social media, television, and message boards. They also learn which aspects of advertising attract people the most, including color and design. This education leaves few job opportunities after graduation. Those who earn an advertising degree can find work with ad agencies, but few employers will accept them otherwise. Those who don’t succeed in the world of advertising are left with few options.


Some industries are more likely to require degrees, such as psychology or hard science fields, but some fields rely more on relevant skills, such as some technology and business fields. Getting into marketing, design, programming or content creation may not require a degree, but a good portfolio showing past efforts will be essential.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you define success for yourself. If you can start your own business, continue a family business, or start a small business and grow without a stepping stone, do you consider it a success? Or do you always feel like you need to earn a college degree, regardless of your career path? Consider the importance of a title in your own definition of success.

Arts Administration

In a nutshell, the Arts Administration concentration prepares art students for a variety of administrative and management positions after graduation. They range from running a museum to running a rock band. A concentration in arts administration is best combined with a master’s degree in a closely related field.

Entrepreneurial-minded senior artists planning to start their own lucrative business may one day benefit from a focus on artistic entrepreneurship. Needless to say, it’s all about taking business and marketing courses. In most cases, students are required to undertake independent projects and internships with studio artists.

Fast and Affordable Online Marketing Certification Programs

Marketing certification programs have always been popular with current and prospective marketing professionals. Certificate programs are often based on specific core competencies and areas of study, so that students can focus their full attention on what is most beneficial in the context of career advancement.

In many cases, employers could enroll their marketing staff in these programs to improve efficiency and productivity. Similarly, freelance marketers often sign up for certification programs if they feel they need to improve in a particular area. Fortunately, the process has never been easier and can often be completed while maintaining a full-time job and a comfortable work-life balance.

Student loan debt on the rise

Student loan debt has tripled since 2006 and now accounts for $1.45 trillion in household debt, according to a Date Bank Finder study from the Federal Reserve. If growth continues at this rate, student loan balances are expected to exceed mortgage balances by 2042. A bachelor’s degree or higher is working, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Job Market for Recent College Graduates . It could mean that they work in jobs that do not require their degrees.

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