What is a good age to do PhD?

Sho Yano started college at just nine years old, having scored 1,500 out of 1,600 on the college SATs the previous year. While prodigy experts say it’s best that kids as young as Yano don’t go to college, there may be no other choice.

Yano’s mother said, “Some people think that I am a very sad mother to prove that my son is good. But that is not the problem. Because… when your child is moving so fast, doing so well, and enjoying life, you can’t let them stop. Yano certainly didn’t stop. At age 12, he graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University Chicago. To complete this winning streak, Yano earned his MD at age 21, also from the University of Chicago, earning him the nickname “the real Doogie Howser.”


If you are under 35, I don’t think the admissions committee will be old enough. They are mainly about your raw intellectual ability and your ability to produce excellent research.

Of course, an admissions committee will review your career and consider what it says about you, whether it enhances or detracts from your research potential, and what the career change says about you target. So a lot depends on your specific history and experience.

Question of the week from OldPreMed: Possible MD/PhD at 40?

At age 40, he is taking a pre-university course and plans to begin his post-bacteriology courses at a 4-year college this fall. If he started medical school at age 43 with a 7-year MD/PhD program plus 4 years of residency, he won’t work until age 54. With PhD in social sciences and NPH and working in public health and related fields. Is it worth thinking about going back to your age and with your existing education and doing the MD/PhD?

Age does not affect medical approval.

However, MD/PhD is slightly different since it is focused on biomedical research, laboratory research, and wet research and is seen as a more conservative and disciplined group of people, requiring more training.

Search results take a lot of time.

If you decide to pursue a research-intensive doctorate in business administration, you should know that research results usually take a lot of time. For a permanent position in almost all universities, you will need about 10 to 15 years from the start of your doctorate to the permanent position. For example, if you start your doctorate in strategy in your 40s, you might not get a business school job until you’re 55. It could be even later if you are living the “life” during this time and you probably will have the “life”.

I should also point out that not getting a permanent job is not that bad – it just means you have to transfer to another institution or try another career. Depending on your perspective, this can be good or bad for you. This often means going on an adventure to a new city or country, meeting new people and seeing how things work in a new place.

Student Loan Debt Considerations

If you are 61 and have loans, it will take time to pay them off. Debt is worth thinking about before you do a PhD. If you can get accepted into a doctoral program that pays your tuition or even gives you a scholarship, you may be able to graduate with much less student loan debt. This support may allow you to consider a doctorate later in life.

To be able to do a doctorate, you must have a bachelor’s degree. From there, some can go directly into a doctoral program. If you graduated at the traditional age of 22, you will receive your doctorate around the age of 25 at least.

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