What is a good salary after PhD?

  • PhD in Statistics
  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering
  • PhD in Physics
  • PhD in Engineering
  • PhD in Engineering

  • PhD in Pharmacology
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering
  • PhD in Computer Science
  • PhD in Organic Chemistry
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering


    A doctorate (PhD) is the highest degree that can be obtained in a given field, but it is not easy to obtain. Doctoral students spend an average of seven to ten years of their lives on their doctorates after completing their undergraduate work. However, the earning potential varies by field.

    “Is my salary good?”

    So, suppose you receive an offer with a gross annual salary of €60,000. Is it a good salary in this country or not? You can ask public databases: According to an income pyramid compiled by a tax consultant, you are among the 10% richest in Austria with this salary. It’s good, isn’t it?

    Is this an excellent salary? no” But why? I studied for ten years, I did a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a doctorate; I published five articles in journals and spent six months at MIT. I am an expert in the work they put available. For most people in the industry, you are a freshman with no “real” work experience. You need to train, you need to socialize and fit in, you need to gain experience and you need. your skills and demonstrate knowledge The company must invest in you first It will take some time – maybe several years – before it becomes profitable tixag_7) Do you enjoy working with information and presenting data in written form or so this career is for you. Roles focus on researching, gathering and analyzing information to deliver actionable insights.

    This career can be broken down into three subcategories based on the type of information and services these jobs deal with: Intellectual Property, Writing and Editing, and Data Management.

    Regression analysis

    To answer this question, I used a statistical technique called regression analysis.

    With regression analysis, you can see which combination of variables best predicts an outcome variable, called the dependent variable. We use salary converted to US dollars as the dependent variable. Although many variables can influence salary, few have significant predictive power (this is generally the case with regression analysis).

    The salary survey collects several variables: gender, country, job title, techniques used at work and software tools used, to name a few. The variable that has the biggest impact on salary is the number of years of experience. That shouldn’t be too surprising. More experience would expect a higher salary. The next two most important variables with the greatest impact were the manager and having a doctorate. Surprisingly, a master’s degree did not add much to a bachelor’s degree. About 48% have a master’s degree and 37% have a bachelor’s degree.

    Comparative table of annual maximum doctoral salaries (before taxes) in Europe

    This table compares the minimum and maximum doctoral salaries (before taxes) in different European countries.

    It is very interesting to note that while Denmark has the highest minimum PhD salaries, Switzerland has the highest maximum PhD salaries. It shows that the salary of a doctoral student in Switzerland can vary greatly from one university in Switzerland.

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