What is a strong thesis statement

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What is covered:

  • What is the purpose of a thesis statement?
  • Writing a Good Thesis Statement: 4 Steps
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Where to Get Your Free Edited Essay
  • (tixagbix_ag) essay, there must be some kind of point, right? Otherwise your essay would be just a nonsense word salad mess. An essay needs a central point that connects everything else. This main point is called the thesis statement and is the heart of any essay or research paper.

    Start with a question

    To calculate a basic thesis, you must start with an essay question. This is the question your paper will address, and therefore the main topic of your thesis statement.

    If you were given a question for the newspaper, it will be simple! You can also think about your article and come up with a simple question to answer.

    How to write a thesis?

    First, do your research: do a rhetorical analysis of your chosen persuasive piece, analyze two texts that you compare and note similarities and differences-differences, examine several different positions they take and consider reliable author sources, what argument is more convincing to you, etc. If you’ve done your research correctly, you may already have an idea of ​​what to include in your thesis statement using one of the examples above as an example.

    Yes, of course. You can ask for help in this Facebook group that I created. If you request an edit, I will add to or revise your thesis statement and leave comments on the relevance and strength of your thesis statement when I read your essay.

    Sample Thesis Statement for an Essay or Academic Paper

    So what does an effective thesis statement for an essay or paper look like? This is an example of the “Using Wikipedia for Academic Research” topic.

    I am interested in this topic because there are students who want to extract facts and ideas from Wikipedia. But there are also professors who don’t want students to use Wikipedia for their research. As a professor of academic writing, I know all aspects of this subject.

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