What is conclusion in thesis

Writing a thesis is a complex but unavoidable task for any doctorate. Writing a student thesis involves a great deal of research and resources. Each thesis has a thesis statement that explains the underlying idea and its importance along with the analysis and conclusion to reach the conclusions. At the end, the student must write a thesis decision that summarizes everything on a topic and lists the main conclusions.

Most of the time, students need help to write a thesis conclusion because it is very important. This is the section of your thesis that actually answers the research questions, provides recommendations, and sets out the limitations and scope of future research. A well-written thesis conclusion is what every guide and examining panel is looking for. If you’re having trouble writing a thesis, it’s time to seek professional writing help. The help of a professional writer will help you overcome all kinds of academic writing problems from day one.

How to write the final chapter

By: Jenna Crossley (PhD Cand). Reviewed by: Dr. Eunice Rautenbach September 2021

Consider any limitations

Another critical part is to discuss any limitations or gaps in your research. For example, there may be time constraints that limited your methodology, sampling problems that reduced the generalizability of your results, or budget constraints that limited any aspect of the study.

It is important to understand that all research has limits without harming the work itself. Take this opportunity to highlight the value of your research despite any limitations you may face.


a. Is there anyone else. Don’t end it with quotes and quotes. This is what you have to say. b. Direct repetition of any other part of the thesis, ie. don’t just repeat the words from the results/data analysis section. vs Cut and Paste, that is. Do not repeat any other part of the thesis verbatim.

You cannot write the conclusion without closely referring to the rest of your thesis. There MUST be a clear link to the statements made in the introduction.

Three things not to do in a conclusion

Somewhere in your conclusion, you should have a working summary of your entire thesis. Our PhD essay template can help you by asking you to write a summary of each chapter that you can put together for a dissertation summary.

Keep in mind, however, that there is a difference between summarizing your thesis and repeating much of it. If you have done your work well in the empirical and discussion chapters, the reader will be familiar with your conclusions. It is not necessary to repeat them in the conclusion. This will blow your reviewer’s mind if he has to read it again.

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