What is the hardest college class


What are the five hardest classes you can take in college? Determining the five most difficult classes is very subjective. If you’ve always been good at math, for example, college algebra might not be as difficult for you. On the other hand, if you want classes like English and literature, general math, let alone college algebra, they can be difficult.

Thermodynamique – Purdue University

If you seek courses to boost your GPA, you will enroll in a thermodynamique course (la science du transfer de chaleur) n’est peut-être pas la voie to follow. “At Purdue, engineering classes are known to be particularly challenging,” said Purdue student Amanda. “Because Purdue is known for its engineering program, the standards for entering the program are very difficult, and the ‘weeding’ courses are particularly difficult.”

But beware, engineering students: even if you’ve passed Thermodynamics I, don’t expect relief at the next level. The workload of Thermodynamics II is described as “heavy”. Thermodynamics is a prerequisite for upper level classes, where the minimum grade required is a D-. However, a Purdue redditor points out that this is one of the most failed classes in the school. If you need moral support, there are several Reddit threads dedicated to this class.

Expected Higher Education or Career Requirements

Certain courses may be required for admission to higher education or to pursue a career in a particular field. This is especially true for future healthcare professionals, from doctors to physical therapists and pharmacists.

Be sure to read what to do when planning your class schedule.

Think about your commitments on and off campus, not just when classes are (although that should definitely be a factor), but also in terms of workload and whether your schedule accommodates it. Also be completely honest with yourself about whether you can get up for that 9am class!


Architecture is one of those levels that we want easy. Who doesn’t want to drive across town, point to a beautiful building and say, “I built this”? But the truth is that architecture is extremely demanding and in some cases as difficult as a medical degree in terms of duration and intensity.

Unfortunately, architecture doesn’t just sit and lay out cool design plans. You must be good at mathematics and have enough knowledge of geometry, trigonometry and algebra to plan the dimensions, volumes, volumes and areas of buildings. Not only that, but a four-year degree in architecture is just the beginning of becoming a professional architect.

Why do students have difficulties in these classes?

There are several reasons why students may experience difficulty in certain college courses. The subject may be difficult, the teacher may be difficult, or the class may just be great. Whatever the reason, it’s important to identify the classes that are giving you trouble so you can fix the problem.

What complicates things is that a course can vary from one student to another. Some students find courses that require a lot of memorization difficult, while others find courses with a lot of essay writing more difficult. These are some of the most difficult courses, based on student feedback:

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