What is the hardest course in college?


What are the five hardest classes you can take in college?

Determining the five hardest classes is very subjective. For example, if you’ve always been good at math, college algebra might not be that difficult for you. On the other hand, if you prefer classes like English and Literature, math in general, let alone college algebra, may be difficult.

Topics in Metaphysics and Epistemology – New York University

If you prefer numbers and concrete answers, this course will take you in the opposite direction: “The Nature of Reason and the Infinite Life” and “The Distinction between Appearance and Reality” are just some of the topics covered in this advanced philosophy course.

“I would definitely not recommend this course to anyone unfamiliar with basic philosophical thinking and looking for an intellectual challenge,” says Erin, an NYU student who took the course. With this course, NYU’s top philosophy department proves that tough classes aren’t limited to math and science.

What are the most difficult subjects to study?

Majors are Aerospace Engineering, Law, Accounting, Architecture, Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Statistics, Nursing, Physics, Astrophysics, biomedical engineering, astronomy and dentistry.

Jump right in and we’ll see why these courses are the hardest to study.

Why finance rather than other business majors?

Why study finance rather than business administration or accounting, for example?

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Of course, you don’t have complete control over your schedule. You must meet certain requirements for your major. Make sure you are aware of these courses and plan to spread them out over your four years. Check out our easiest and hardest majors article to learn more about what kind of course load to expect.

Likewise, many schools have general education requirements that all students must meet. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a choice between these requirements, but that’s not always the case. Also, make sure to map them, as you won’t have to take several at once just to graduate in time.

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