What is the main goal of the thesis statement

A well-written and well-investigated research paper is a complete and well-intentioned text that presents your ideas or arguments for or against the idea or thesis. It usually takes a few hours of hard work, reading, and editing to produce a quality research paper. To pass an academic paper, it is essential to take into account:

Analytical thesis

Weak thesis statement: Finnish society tends to tolerate racism

This statement affirms your rights but does not provide more information about the direction of the author’s analysis

How do I create a narrative essay summary?

In fact, after following the instructions above, you have everything you need to create an interesting and impressive story. But keep in mind some important tips.

Stick to the plan you created. You must fit all parts of the story, from the opening to the resolution, into the allotted word count. Therefore, it is not recommended to start adding new characters and events while you are writing a final draft. You might miss your point and end up with blurry writing instead of a crystal clear masterpiece.

Step 1: Search the literature

Identify knowledge gaps in the relevant research paper. Explore the deeper implications of the author’s research argument. Was the research objective stated in the thesis statement reversed later in the discussion or conclusion? Does the author oppose them? Is there a significant knowledge gap in creating an appropriate research objective? Has the author correctly understood and tested the basic theories? Does the author support an argument without citing supporting literature? Answering these or related questions will help authors develop a working thesis and provide easy direction and structure for your thesis.

When developing a working thesis, early in the writing process, you may already have a research question to address.

Strong research questions guide study design and define and identify specific objectives. These goals will help the author shape the thesis statement.

Examples of Informational Thesis Statements

Bad exampleGood exampleDefinition Monopoly is a bad thing. in the monopolized area. Surely monopoly is bad. A good thesis statement should also remind people why this is so. therefore, it must come to a complete stop as a phenomenon. The same here. Always expand your thesis with an argument or two.

Argumentative style work aims to prove your point using facts and logic. The thesis statement format for this type of essay is slightly different than above.

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