What is the rarest college degree?

According to a Bankrate study of 162 degrees, shipbuilding and marine engineering are first on the list of most valuable college majors. On the other hand, acting and theater arts are the least valued, at least from a graduate career perspective. Click here for the full answer. Likewise, one might ask, what is the most useless college degree? The 10 Most Useless College Degrees in Culinary Arts. Aspiring chefs may have thought culinary school was pointless, but current statistics suggest otherwise. fashion design. art history. Music. psychology. Communication. the liberal arts. Studio-Arts / Visual Arts. And which steps are worth the most? With these factors in mind, here are five steps that are generally worth the money spent to get them. Mechanical Engineering. Advertising. Engineering is one of the highest paying careers available today. computing. Advertising. Mathematics & Science. Advertising. Company. Advertising. Communication. Advertising. One also asks what is the most valuable college degree? The 10 most popular universities are: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (median income: $90,000; unemployment rate: 1.

6%, percentage with advanced degrees: 29%) Nuclear Engineering (median income: 98 $100; unemployment rate: 1.8% , percentage with a higher degree: 56%) What are some degrees that are not required? The 15 Most Useless College Degrees That Employers Will Ignore Pursuing Your Multidisciplinary or General Sciences. Advertising and public relations. A story. Biology. communication techniques. Intercultural and international studies. Ethnic and Civic Studies.


Arizona State University offers a part-time master’s degree in bioengineering, nature-based design studies, for professionals. ASU is the only university in the world to offer a Master of Science in Biochemistry, an emerging discipline that can prepare students for Ph.D. Programs, biomicrobial consulting and leadership roles.

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Common degrees: State

Generally, commerce or management is the most common bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, computer science is the most popular bachelor’s degree.

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Adventure Education

A degree in Adventure Education teaches you how to get the most out of nature and teaches people of all ages adventures various challenges that lead to an invitation to self-discovery. When it comes to fun deals, it’s hard to beat!

  • Employment Opportunities: Adventure Education degree holders can work in outdoor education in a national park or in a variety of outdoor adventure programs.
  • Salary Range: An Adventure Education Specialist can earn between $21,854 and $95,200 depending on experience and position.
  • Type of degree: Bachelor’s Degree from Plymouth State University.

Art History

Art History students love art and design. Those pursuing an art history degree typically take courses in art composition and some art history courses in each period. You can study important artists like Vincent van Gogh or Claude Monet.

Although art history students are passionate about ancient art and sculpture, it is difficult to make a living out of it. Art graduates have a wealth of knowledge throughout the ages, but have difficulty finding employment when they can apply that knowledge. Some of them manage to get a job in an art museum and later maybe an art appraiser, but this is one of the most difficult areas. Most places that specialize in art want to see a long resume with lots of experience.

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