What is the toughest subject in the world

On this site, we offer you an overview of the most difficult courses and exams in the world. Let’s get started:

Aeronautical engineering majors are the most difficult career in the world to study, but they also offer some of the best graduate opportunities. Aeronautical engineers must be highly technical and precise, while being creative and resourceful problem solvers.

The most difficult courses to study in university

Anyway, here is a collection of the ten most difficult courses in the world.

1. Architecture: Due to great effort and the need for meticulous attention to detail, we have identified Architecture as the most challenging course. Architects are involved in various areas of building design, which go beyond drawing plans.

Here is the list of the most difficult courses in the world.

Obviously listing this course here would spark a discussion. However, we warn you that this course is not as easy as most people assume. Some of the engineering streams would be relatively easier than other streams. However, some engineering courses are very difficult. Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Statistical Engineering, Nanotechnology, etc. some of those complicated streams of engineering.

No business would be complete without some CPAs. Unlike most other courses, a public accounting course is not something that can be obtained easily. The candidate has to work hard, pass various tests, pass exams and finally become a certified public accountant with practice and patience. From keeping balance sheets to auditing accounts for years to do it error free, expert skills are required. This course will make someone an expert in doing such things.

List of the toughest majors in 2022

This medical science major tops the list of the toughest majors in the world. learn instead of memorizing the most difficult manuals, definitions and diagrams. One of the trends that you can see here is that each of the most difficult courses in the world have many job opportunities

This list of the most difficult in the world includes architecture, it is not so easy to take architecture courses. as it seems, even if you choose to study architecture online in a country like Germany, where education is of a high standard.


It is no secret that medicine is one of the most difficult careers in the world, especially since the courses are very competitive. UCAS1 figures show that 28,690 people applied to study medicine in the UK in 2021. The number of applicants from the four UK countries increased by 26% compared to last year,

With a rate of drug uptake of just 12.1% (Oxford University) and in some cases as low as 5% (Aston Medical School, Birmingham), the course is certainly challenging.

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