What is the weirdest degree

Arizona State University offers a part-time master’s degree program for professionals working in bioaccounting, the study of nature-based design. ASU is the only university in the world to offer a Master of Science in Biomechanics, an emerging discipline that can prepare students for a Ph.D. programs, biomedical consultation and leadership positions.

The 30 credit course

Sexual Health Studies

The University of Mid Lancashire’s Sexual Health Studies course is the first of its kind in the UK and it is very relevant for someone who wants to start a career in sexual health services. This course will help you learn more about the impact of sexual health on the individual and the community at large and about contraception, unplanned pregnancy, and relationships.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

If you are interested in tropical islands and islands and can’t find much sun and beach, a career or university degree in Latin America and the Caribbean will allow you to balance work and leisure. It focuses on the history, culture, economics, and politics that have shaped Latin American and Caribbean societies.

Graduates in Latin American and Caribbean studies become competent program managers, assistants, coordinators, communicators, teachers and journalists.

Adventure Education

An Adventure Education degree teaches you how to make the most of the outdoors and expose people of all ages to different challenging events that allow you to discover yourself. When it comes to fun levels, this wins hands down!

  • Career Opportunities: Holders of an Adventure Education degree may work in outdoor education at a national park or in a variety of outdoor adventure programs.
  • Salary Range: An Adventure Education Specialist can earn between $21,854 and $95,200, depending on experience and position.
  • Type of Degree: BA from Plymouth State University.

MS in digital currency

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of students and many have been forced to work on the sidelines internally, the importance of digital technology is seen. it will increase in 2020 and is expected to increase until the end of this decade according to Statista. The same can be given from the following graph.

Now that digital currencies like Bitcoin have become popular around the world, the interest in learning more about digital currencies has also changed. The University of Nicosia describes this course as the other side of a country’s economy, banking and finance.

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