What jobs can I do after PhD?

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Undoubtedly, getting a PhD is a very important event – students can relax and let go of many years of stress hard work. But these celebrations will soon be followed by questions about the steps needed to advance professionally after receiving a doctorate. In this article, I want to help you find an answer to the question “What comes after the doctorate?”.

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

The main task of competitive intelligence (CI) analysts is to gather information about the products that a competitor company has and analyze those products to determine how they will do. affect the market.

A survey by the Global Intelligence Alliance of global software, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, energy and manufacturing companies found that the recruitment of CI analysts will increase significantly in the coming years, 60% of hiring managers say that they are actively looking for candidates. . .

Building a resume for the future

Once you’ve finished your PhD and passed the Viva, you definitely don’t want to start research right away. Before, it was possible to take a break after your doctorate and come back to it later with fresh eyes. In today’s competitive climate, however, that is not really the case.

You should start working on future releases and plans immediately. Maybe your Ph.D. great book; if so, seek publishers immediately. If not, consider breaking it up into smaller articles or reports. You should also consider attending conferences to keep your search profile high.


Teaching is one of the most popular options after a doctorate, mainly because of the striking similarity between academia and what one should do for a degree to achieve. The practice of studying and teaching includes teaching, researching and retaining the knowledge you have acquired.

If you want to become a professor or follow the path of teaching, many institutions are interested in having PhD students as their faculty, especially in developing countries.

Writer, Digital Media Company

The writers cover arts and cultural events, and provide analysis and context to a wide audience on a variety of topics. As a postgraduate student, you already have excellent writing and research skills required for the profession, and your advanced training in the interpretation of literature, culture and language enhances your ability to convey the meaning of cultural phenomena and art.

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