What makes a good thesis

A story reveals its message through the progressive development of the action. It has an opening, a middle, an ending, and a resolution. Whether funny or sad, a good story usually follows this pattern, as it better keeps readers engaged and doesn’t let them go until the clear ending.

  • So choose the theme first. A narrative essay is usually about personal experiences, so choose a story from your life that is concise and has interesting aspects. Find out what was the beginning, the development, what was the most impressive point for you (and why) and how he resolved everything. What lessons have you learned? What did you win or lose? These personal decisions and feelings are the gems of a good story, but don’t overdo it.

What is a joint venture webinar?

A webinar is a joint venture where you partner with another person (usually at a specific location) to host a webinar where you present your product to just their audience.

You’ve probably heard of JV webinars, or even attended one – they’re a great way to get leads and introduce your product to a new audience.

Don’t state the obvious

Your thesis statement should not state the obvious. A good thesis statement should be well argued and should be able to stimulate discussion. If your thesis statement states the obvious, you don’t need to write an essay in the first place.

Writing a thesis statement may seem very difficult at first, but if you apply yourself, you will surely understand it quickly. The most important thing to remember is to keep it to a minimum: long and vague thesis statements will only confuse readers. Also, be sure to prepare well to defend your arguments. Good luck and have fun writing!

Can you help me with my thesis statement?

Yes, of course. You can ask for help in this Facebook group that I created. If you request an edit, I will add to or revise your thesis statement and leave comments on the relevance and strength of your thesis statement when I read your essay.

A thesis statement formula will not help, because the thesis statement is different for different types of academic essays. Even if you manage to find a ready-made sample thesis statement for your topic, I wouldn’t recommend using it. Your thesis statement should summarize the arguments you are going to present, those for which you have received support from credible sources. Using someone else’s thesis statement could lengthen the research process.


A thesis statement is a one-sentence statement of purpose: a summary of the main idea that explains your essay in detail. An effective thesis statement will make a unique claim or attempt to answer an important question.

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