What makes a thesis statement strong

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Has your life really made you stop and think about a problem you never thought about? In June 2022, social media criticized two pop culture icons, Lizzo and Beyonce, for using a slur for people with cerebral palsy and other similar disorders in their latest singles. In a world where voice acting and dealing with microaggression victims is “too sensitive,” the two singers made it a point to listen to feedback and act on it. They publicly apologized and re-recorded their songs. The process, including who is called and their responses, symbolizes what teachers and students have to deal with when dealing with microaggressions in the classroom. .

Tips for writing a good thesis statement

Essays should be based on a specific argument. Review your thesis statement to see if the main idea of ​​your writing is too vague. If you defend something too general (for example, if you say that all pop music is bad), your essay will try to overload the ideas and become confusing.

Please update your argument to be more specific. You could say that pop music suffers from repetitive chord progressions, or that pop songs have unimaginative lyrics. These narrower statements make it easier to gather evidence to support your thesis.

Find your research topic

The first step is to correctly identify the research topic of your thesis. This step is to find a problem that you need to solve in the document.

While this seems like the most obvious step, you’d be surprised how often we think our topics are already known before we’ve fully explained them.

Expert Review

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Step 1: Decide the type of paper you are going to write

When you receive an essay, you may get several different types. Argumentative essays are designed to get the reader to agree with you on a topic. Informative or explanatory essays present information to the reader. Analytical essays make a point, then expand on it by analyzing relevant information. Thesis statements can look and sound different depending on the type of article you are writing. For example:

  • Argumentative: The United States needs a viable third political party to reduce bipartisanship, increase choice, and reduce corruption in government .
  • Note: The Libertarian Party has botched elections in the past by gaining enough support in the states to be on the ballot and forcing candidates to withdraw vital votes.
  • Analysis: An analysis of past presidential elections shows that while third-party votes were the lowest, they influenced the outcome of the 2020, 2016 and subsequent elections.

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