Which is the easiest MBA?

The labor market is more competitive than ever. If you’re interested in a career in business, you’re certainly not alone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the business sector is expected to increase by 5% between 2019 and 2029. At the same time, more and more students are completing their bachelor’s degree in business administration. The best way to stand out from the crowd of business graduates is to study for an MBA.

An MBA or Masters in Business Administration prepares you for a career in management. You will develop invaluable skills such as strategic thinking and people management. But as valuable as an MBA is, you can further enhance your professional career by earning an MBA specializing in a specific business area. Here are seven MBA specializations to consider.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Illinois Online offers a variety of accessible programs designed for the student and their career. Therefore, its programs are delivered in a variety of ways to meet the students where they are, no matter where they are in their lives. However, Illinois Online certificate programs are specifically designed for those who want to advance professionally.

Illinois Online offers a digital marketing certificate through the prestigious Gies College of Business. The Digital Marketing Certificate (Coursera MasterTrackTM Certificate) offers a curriculum that teaches students how to engage with consumers in a global economy. The program offers one course at a time allowing students to progress comfortably while maintaining full-time employment.

How soon can I get an online MBA?

Traditional MBA programs usually last two years, some programs last longer when students enroll part-time. An Accelerated MBA usually takes 12-15 months.

These accelerated programs require a significant investment of time.

In one year, MBA students typically complete 30 credits. Some accelerated programs use a traditional semester schedule, while others use shorter periods. Accelerated programs are usually full-time. Students can expect to spend approximately two hours studying at home for every hour spent in class.

Master of Commerce

A Master of Commerce provides employable skills to students with little or no work experience. Most Master of Business Administration programs allow students to choose a specialization, e.g. B. Business analysis, finance or economics. Once students have chosen their area of ​​interest, most courses cover that topic. The goal of most Commerce Masters programs is to provide new skills to learners interested in a career change.

As many business students are considering major changes, not all courses offer flexible part-time options. However, online study options allow some students to continue working while completing the program. Masters of Business Administration degrees typically take a few years, but the investment pays off for many graduates. Generally, no prior work experience is required for a Master of Commerce program.

Executive MBA at Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University

Join this program at Suffolk University for an Executive MBA, not just an earned MBA. 5% of MBAs awarded each year do not have the executive title, which can boost your results. The 16-month program is based on Saturday lessons, making it suitable for full-time workers.

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