Which MBA has highest starting salary?

Deciding to pursue a full-time MBA from an accredited business school can be expensive. However, the return on investment from an MBA is well worth it. MBA graduates from top US business schools will continue to earn lucrative salaries in 2021, showing that the Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped MBA dreams.

Indeed, now may be a good time to gain confidence and start your MBA journey. Read on to learn more about the different MBA programs that can land you high-paying jobs.

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Although not the only factor, compensation is important for people considering an MBA. Salaries for graduates with a master’s degree in business administration can be significantly higher than those with only a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In addition, the US Department of Labor’s preliminary salary projections show that average MBA salaries are expected to rise 6.9% per year through 2028, with a need for 230,000 new managers per year.

Chief Technology Officer

The job of the Chief Technology Officer is to define the technical vision of an organization, lead the technical team and oversee all aspects of technological development. He is also responsible for overseeing special projects, monitoring technological and social trends, participating in management decisions and ensuring compliance with all technical standards.

Education While research has long been central to business, developments in information technology have increased the importance and need for chief technology officers. To be appointed as a chief technology officer, you must have an MBA with a specialization in information technology management.


As another Stanford official told P&Q last month, echoing Dean Jonathan Levin, the steady rise in MBA salaries and the recovery in job placement rates is slightly behind. 2021 from a strong 2019, raising hopes that the global health crisis, a major factor affecting job prospects for MBAs, is finally abating. Jamie Schein, associate dean and director of Stanford GSB’s Center for Career Management, echoed the sentiments of many business education graduates who are breathing a little easier after their pandemic — and far more stable and exciting — second year has passed. approx.

“I was very happy that our numbers came out like this,” said Schein. “We felt like it would be like 2019, and it is. So for our students, the 2020 report was where we really felt the impact of the pandemic, and from a job opportunity perspective, it’s nice to see that the Class of 2021 had a chance to make some really meaningful decisions and they could land some really good jobs.


Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business reported the lowest average starting salary among the top 27 B-schools: $121,999 the lowest number among the top 10 was No. 10 Yale School of Management with $138,676 Lowest average bonus: No. at Vanderbilt University: $27,651. Stanford

was the lowest in the top 10 at $29,148. Indiana had the lowest at $140,876; among the top 10 was Yale SOM at just over $162,000. See page 2 for salary data from all the top schools in the US B.

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