Who is the richest person with MBA?


# Phil Knight

He has an MBA from Stanford Business School Net worth: $55.6 billion

Just do it! We are sure you must have heard this before. Of course, Phil Knight absolutely nailed it in his career when he founded the famous company Nike Inc. It took Nike long enough and succeeded to make it a highly respected company in the world. He said he learned business acumen in his MBA course at Stanford Business School and it was there that he discovered he could be a true entrepreneur. He is also the owner of the stop-motion film production company Laika. He has given more than $2 billion to the three institutions. Knight enlisted in the Army and spent a year on active duty and seven years in the Army Reserves.

Jorge Paulo Lemmann

An MBA graduate from Harvard Business School, Jorge Paulo Lemann is currently ranked 19th on the Forbes World Billionaires 2016 list and is the richest man in Brazil. At 76, Lemann continues to enjoy steady capital growth and has moved up the list seven places from last year’s 26th place.

Lemann made his fortune from a stake in the world’s largest brewery, Anheuser-Busch InBev, which he owns with fellow billionaires Carlos Alberto Sicupira and Marcel Herrmann Telles as part of 3G Capital.

Lemann, Sicupira and Telles were long-time partners and founded the Brazilian investment bank Banco Garantia in 1971. Despite a terrible stock market crash that year, Lemann still managed to establish Garantia as one of the leading companies in the country In 1998, Banco Garantia was sold to Credit Suisse First Boston for $675 million.

Montgomery GI Bill

The Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB or Chapter 30) provides support for active duty military members and veterans. The federal government offers this flexible tuition to help support costs associated with continuing education. You can use the money for certificate and undergraduate programs, vocational and technical training, certification and licensing, and on-the-job training. Bill Montgomery covers tuition and fees for up to three years, depending on your choice of school and principal.

You must have at least two years of active duty to qualify for the Montgomery Act. You must also have an honorable discharge or a high school diploma or GED when applying to Bill Montgomery. Apply to Montgomery by completing VA form 22-1990. You can apply at your school, the VA, or online.

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