Why do people write a thesis

Writing a thesis is like a frantic race towards the end of a long marathon: it boosts your well-deserved pace. In theory, at least. Because in practice, it turns out that a thesis is often a stumbling block for students. Sometimes students have no idea what is expected of them, and it is increasingly common for them to seek (paid) help from a thesis agency.

Why do students have these problems with the final thesis? Amos van Gelderen, professor of languages ​​at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, notes two things. First, degree programs don’t just teach their students how to write a thesis. After more than three years, all you have to do is start writing it. In addition, the requirements for theses established by the programs are often vague and abstract.

Divide your thesis into descriptive phases

Writing a thesis is a process with well-defined phases

The details of each phase will vary slightly depending on your field, but for most For dissertation writers, the steps are first, gather ideas, second, edit and analyze data, and third, polish.

Case study: thesis at ESEI

One of our students, Rodrigo Ramos Sampaio, who studied international relations and international trade, defended his thesis two weeks ago. He chose to focus on sustainability and entitled it Towards a Green Future: An Analysis of Supply Chain Sustainability in the European Union Soy Products Industry.

We asked him about the thesis process, from concept creation to completion, and what he thought of the experience.

In summary

It goes without saying that the facts of the thesis vs. Therefore, one term is not accepted in place of another as academic.

You need to remember the purpose of each one and use them accordingly. However, one is not undermined by the other. Whether you are writing a thesis or a dissertation, both should be done with the same concern. Requires critical and general technical skills. Developing your time management and academic writing skills play an important role in practicing both types of academic writing.

How do you define thesis vs thesis? Should these terms be used interchangeably? How is your approach to writing a dissertation different from a dissertation approach? What are the other differences between a thesis and a dissertation? Leave us now in the comments section below! You can also visit our Q&A forum for frequently asked questions related to various aspects of research writing and publishing answered by our team of subject matter experts, renowned researchers and publishing experts.

Capstone or research project

Those seeking an answer to the question of whether all graduate students do a thesis should be aware that some schools allow students to complete a capstone or a capstone project in lieu of completing a thesis. This is usually the best option for those who prefer hands-on experience over doing even more classwork. For example, a great computer scientist might create new software or a computer program instead of writing about recent technological innovations.

Did you know that some graduate schools waive the thesis requirement for students doing fieldwork? If you think this sounds like an easier option, keep in mind that your school may require you to complete 300 or more hours of supervised fieldwork after graduation. It can also mean that it will take you three years or more to graduate. Students who do a thesis often finish it in two years or less. Schools that offer fieldwork in lieu of a thesis often require students to complete detailed records of the work they do and submit these records to the department before graduation.

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