Why do students write thesis

Writing a thesis is like a frantic race towards the end of a long marathon: it boosts your well-deserved pace. In theory, at least. Because in practice, it turns out that a thesis is often a stumbling block for students. Sometimes students have no idea what is expected of them, and it is increasingly common for them to seek (paid) help from a thesis agency.

Why do students have these problems with the final thesis? Amos van Gelderen, professor of languages ​​at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, notes two things. First, degree programs don’t just teach their students how to write a thesis. After more than three years, all you have to do is start writing it. In addition, the requirements for theses established by the programs are often vague and abstract.

The importance of writing a thesis: your skills are essential

Students always work hard on their university assignments; their university thesis is the final grade they must pass. They have spent years mastering skills and gaining experience in a particular area. Therefore, this final article is the result of a long and complicated research process. Therefore, to graduate they must cover this last part of the last year of studies. The importance of writing a thesis is understandable as it allows students to show their abilities, knowledge and skills, which shows that they have learned a lot.

You can only write effectively if you master all the skills in the field of psychology. You can synthesize new knowledge, learn easily and with purpose, understand information, and apply what you know. From the teacher’s point of view, meeting all writing standards is not enough to earn high grades on assignments. Standard writing must also demonstrate that the author is creative in formulating and ideas, in solving academic problems, and in thinking and editing to produce a high-quality, well-rounded work. From the students’ perspective, putting ideas on paper is a difficult process that requires a lot of effort and time.

Additionally, students must address instruction sets, citation and reference standards, spelling and grammar rules, and time management.

Thesis vs. Thesis: United States

In the United States, the definition of a thesis is almost different from that in Europe. Since the dissertation is shorter than a thesis, it gradually came to mean a preliminary step on the path to a doctorate. Currently, a thesis is in process to obtain the master’s degree. In science fields, a master’s candidate takes advanced courses and gains hands-on experience in a research project, but does not lead the project to the same extent as they would in a doctoral program. In a master’s project, student ideas are welcome and expected, but the emphasis is on acquiring technical knowledge and not on original research. Engineering students typically earn master’s degrees and rarely earn a Ph.D. In other fields, such as chemistry, the opposite is true and a master’s degree is no longer required as the first step for a doctorate. Almost everyone I know who got a master’s in chemistry got it because they dropped out of graduate school and wrote their truncated research as a master’s project.

Thesis process at ESEI

All ESEI students must write a thesis or a business plan for their final projects. However, students in our Master in Digital Marketing program have the option of writing a thesis or taking a survey on the website.

Choosing the right option

As a student entering college, you need to know which option is best for you. Some want an answer to the question of whether all graduate students do a thesis, since they dislike research and the idea of ​​spending long hours in the library. A non-thesis track is ideal for those who want to learn more about their chosen field and take more courses without writing a separate paper. L’option de project de recherche est la meilleure pour ceux qui veulent créer un projet detaillé sans faire de recherche, et les programs d’expérience sur le terrain sont attractants pour ceux qui ne craignent pas de passer plus de temps à travailler avant d’ get a diploma.

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