Why teachers are leaving the profession?

Author: By Sukaina Ishmail / 8 April 2021 Source: Southern Suburb Tatler

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Erin’s Story: Nobody questions the teachers

For most of her 11 years teaching middle school ELA and social studies, Erin described working in a coastal state West as “terrible, but possible” . She taught over 150 students each year and was used to hard work and a fast pace, but when Covid hit everything changed and the message she received from its administration was that she was ultimately not interested.

She adapted to online classes while pregnant and having a freshman at home, but when it came time to return to the building, she was surprised to find that many of same issues at his school as before covid.


When asked what they disliked about their job, teachers highlighted apathy, discipline and student behavioral issues (32 %). In two dozen in-depth interviews, teachers said that inadequate classroom management training and a lack of support from school administrators and parents exacerbated behavior problems. Teachers who said they wanted to leave the profession cited stricter discipline for disruptive behavior and increased salaries as two of the main ways to retain teachers.

The National Education Association projects that the average teacher in California will earn $87,275 in 2020-21, the third highest salary among teachers nationwide. Three-quarters of the teachers surveyed reported an annual household income over $100,000 and 36% over $150,000. But California is also one of the least affordable states, made worse by rising housing costs in the Bay Area and Southern California.

Teacher burnout

For many, teacher burnout is the result of chronic stress. It can cause depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. I found myself regularly in the doctor’s office.

Eventually, they were able to link my tight jaw, new (and frequent) headaches and stomach problems to work-related stress. After I quit teaching, I slowly came back to myself. My stress related symptoms improved dramatically and I was able to focus on things that lit my fire and gave me a sense of purpose and purpose. I always thought I would get that through teaching, but it wasn’t for me. (And that’s okay.) Teacher burnout does NOT mean failure. Whether you are suffering from burnout after the 1st, 5th or 15th year, it is valid. Teacher injuries often result from handling multiple responsibilities, expectations and initiatives without a strong support system or sense of respect.

So if you think you’re suffering from burnout, hear me out. Sometimes we have to put our own needs before the needs of others. Teachers often prioritize the needs of others. It is in our nature. But when it comes to your well-being, there’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish.

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