Can PhD be done online?

Note: No school received preferential treatment and the methodology provided allows all the others to reach the same conclusion. It is also important to note that due to incomplete data available or requested, some schools that would have been ranked are not represented here.

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What is the difference between a remote doctorate and a regular doctorate?

Small surprise. Because doctorates are based on research rather than teaching, candidates work individually, researching and working towards the completion of their thesis in a manner very similar to their peers in residence. Admission requirements, workload and academic expectations are generally the same as for residential doctoral students.

Distance learning students still pay tuition (which varies by institution) and can study full-time or part-time.

The main difference is how the university department monitors and supports the doctoral student’s progress. The role of the supervisor is crucial in the doctoral program and students should have regular distance contact by telephone, e-mail, mail and/or fax rather than in person. Some training or course material may be provided over the Internet, and some departments may encourage interaction with other students through online discussion forums. Occasional visits by the student to the university may be required. Some universities formalize this process by holding an annual review meeting. Visits by the director to the student in his own country may also be necessary. Some departments want to appoint a supervisor close to the student and can be arranged by the student himself.

List of online Ph.

D from reputable universities

It is not difficult to get a Ph.

D. find online. A quick search returns hundreds of results. It is much more difficult to get an online Ph

D at an accredited university where you do original research and connect with a network of scholars in your field. However, many universities now offer the opportunity to do a doctorate online, provided your research project is compatible.

  • Training (online) MPhil/Ph

    D (UCL)
  • Online Ph

    D in Nursing Practice (

    Duke University)
  • Online Ph

    D in Training (John Hopkins)
  • Online

    Doctorate in Counseling (Oregon State University)

  • Distance

    Doctorate in Social Sciences (University of Edinburgh)

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (Northcentral Universityagb_14) )

    Distance Learning Ph

    D , Life and Environmental Sciences (University of Birmingham)

  • Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology, online or evening program (Grand Canyon University)
  • Online Ph

    D, Environment and Arts, the Humanities and Cultures (University of Leeds)
  • Online Ph

    D in Nursing Practice (University of Pittsburgh)

What is the advantage of pr simple doctoral programs?

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Doctorate in Occupational Therapy

Boston University offers a Post-Professional

Doctorate in Occupational Therapy that can be completed 18 months. There are 10 courses in the program, which correspond to approximately 33 to 37 credits. Students can focus on different areas and then choose what else they want to learn to meet their credit needs.

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