Can PhD become rich?

Solving Europe’s complexities in a constantly changing world requires an understanding of the past and the present. Do you want to explore how texts, ideas and cultural objects move through time and space and question their role in new contexts? Then you can join as a doctoral student at the Radboud Institute for Culture & History.

As a doctoral student, you will write a doctoral thesis, attend the Humanities Graduate School, which includes courses of about six months, and you will do six months of academic service at the Faculty of Arts at Radboud University. Your thesis topic and research question should align with the RICH research in which this position is embedded. A description of our research groups can be found here. We are looking for four PhD students.

Invest often

You can invest in the stock market. In addition, there are many other investment options available that could put you in a better financial position. Talk to experts or friends with investment experience before making a decision.

Another important personality trait to succeed and become rich is patience. Nothing great is achieved overnight and you cannot become rich in a few days. It can take months or even years for all your hard work to accumulate wealth for you.

A PhD can earn you more – just start as soon as possible

Not all studies agree, but there is evidence that PhDs earn a higher average salary than their peers and b ‘maybe do more in her life.

This is an open question and that’s not really the point here. I guess if you’re reading this you’re already advanced and that’s a moot point.

food and furniture

28:18 Emily: Great. To like.

OKAY. What are your next expenses?

28:22 Michele: Yeah, I think my next biggest expense would be my food that I throw together like eating out and groceries. So I’m guessing my first month was $450, then my second month was $385, so I’m guessing about $410 right now. Also, I didn’t bring any furniture with me when I moved, so I got good deals on all of them. So my total for that was $170.

In which fields do doctoral students earn the most?

Although we are talking about the wealthiest PhD students overall, it is also useful to look at the average salaries of those doing PhDs by discipline. To accurately reflect these average salaries, we look at occupations that require a doctorate or technical degree as entry-level training. Overall, career fields with an average salary of $80,000 or more in 2020 (and with a doctoral or professional degree as an entry level) included: post-secondary education (in all fields), audiology, physical therapy, medical sciences, biochemistry, veterinary medicine, astronomy and psychiatry.

Post-secondary teachers in all fields have an average salary of $80,560. Then the median salary for audiologists was $81,030. The median salary for physical therapists is $91,010. For those in the medical sciences field, their median salary was $91,510. Then the median biochemist salary was $94,270. For veterinary work, the median salary was $99,250. For astronomers and physicists, the average salary was $128,950. Finally, the average salary of those working in psychiatry, which reports to physicians and surgeons, is approximately $208,000.

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