Can you finish a research paper in one day

Since baseball’s inception a hundred years ago, a professional women’s league has only recently existed. The idea for the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) was presented to the NBA Board of Governors on April 24, 1996. The NBA Board of Governors approved the idea, and the WNBA was scheduled to start in June 1997. The League belongs to the teams of the National Basketball Association. They finally decided to play the WNBA season in the summer, when the sports schedule was less busy.

Less than fifteen months after the first blow, the league had a lot to decide beforehand. They had to find a station, or stations, to broadcast the events. One of the reasons they decided to do the season in the summer was so they could show the games live and on primetime television. The league announced its broadcast partnerships with NBC, ESPN and Lifetime, even before a player was signed. The inaugural season drew over fifty million viewers across all three networks. But during the second and third seasons, almost a million viewers watched the WNBA every week.

How to approach urgent paper: Preparation

Once you’re in the right frame of mind, it’s time to… not write, but carefully prepare the ground. Otherwise, you risk going in the wrong direction and spending what you shouldn’t be spending right now: your time.

 ✏  Don’t try to fool your teacher and try to make your essay longer than it really is. There are several ways to do this: using slightly wider margins or a larger font, for example.

Don’t be tempted to do this: any English teacher has seen it many times and will immediately recognize such tricks. All you notice is that a look of deep annoyance has crossed their faces. You certainly don’t want that to appear on your note. Correct?

Work smart

You might think you can’t write a research paper in a week. Because you write very slowly, producing very few paragraphs a day. Well, I agree that if you don’t optimize your writing strategy, writing an entire article in a week would be difficult and impossible.

But the good news is that anyone can learn to write effectively! Writing lab participants often give comments like, “I found myself doing things in 5 days that I couldn’t have done in a month!” “How is that possible? They ‘just’ changed their writing strategy based on my suggestions. I’ve detailed my favorite strategy for writing quickly and painlessly, as well as a technique for staying focused on writing – here’s just a reminder of the main points:

Understand the work:

The first thing to make sure before starting to explain and write is to understand the work, you need to organize different information, from books, essays, interviews , articles and more.

Depending on the task assigned, you will either have a topic in front of you or have to choose one yourself.If your teacher hasn’t given you a topic, here are some helpful ways to choose one that meets their needs:


Your introduction will keep the document together. It should be short and catchy. This should give readers an idea of ​​what you are writing.

In academic writing, the introduction and the thesis go hand in hand. The thesis holds the article together and can help readers decide whether or not it is worth reading.

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