Can you lose your PhD?

So you’re thinking about a doctorate in robotics! Before you decide to apply, there are a few things to consider.

What is a doctorate?

Feeling sad, anxious or “empty” all the time.

Do you feel sad every day, tears burst easily and you can’t overcome?

You can be afraid of anything when the simplest tasks (like getting out of bed) fill you with anxiety and worry.


Counterfeiting refers to the falsification or distortion of information. For example, a graduate student changed data to get better results for his research. Although crafting may be more common in science, it is not unique to science. When primary data is needed, it can be very tempting to fiddle with the numbers – or just make them up!

Crafts include:

Fail Viva

Assuming you make it to the end of your program, there are still two ways to fail.

The first is an unsatisfactory thesis. Whatever the reason, your thesis may be considered inadequate, lacking originality, reliable data, conclusive results or overall poor quality. In such cases, your examiners may need a thorough review before taking the speaking exam. Although this is rare, you may miss the program registration deadline and, unless you have valid reasons for an extension, you may not have enough time to complete your exam.

Write something every day

It is so important to write something every day. Early in the dissertation application process, this may mean creating an annotated bibliography for your literature search or writing an outline for the first chapter. It could also just be rambling in writing. Start writing down your thoughts and ideas about your research question and hypotheses. You can even write about what you think the literature will or won’t establish, and then frame that topic after reviewing the literature in more detail.

Write some preliminary research questions and hypotheses. You can always modify them later, after you’ve decided what kind of search design you want to use, or learn more about what other searchers have found on the topic. Just some ideas for research study design. Talk to your thesis supervisor or another faculty member about your design ideas. Just write something down at the beginning of the process and throughout the process and you will feel release. The mental block dissolves and your fingers move on the keyboard.

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